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"hair repair"


Before and After treating hair with the Iles Formula Spa Pack Before and after treating hair with Iles Formula Signature Collection Are your locks looking a little bland? Then this guide is for you. Let’s face it. We put our hair through a lot….


The average life span for a strand of hair is 2- 7 years.  Take a moment to imagine what your hair goes through in that amount of time.  How many times it gets colored, how many days in the sun, how many times you blow dry it, curl it, and/or…


Wendy Iles, founder of Iles Formula, spent a decade scouting the globe to find powerful ingredient blends and complexes that would provide hair repair with instant results for her high profile clientele. She believes there should be no boundaries…

Before and after testimonials are something we at Iles Formula excel at. Our formulas  are designed to INSTANTLY repair ALL hair types. Recently our founder Wendy Iles was in Germany speaking with the press about our new Iles Formula  hair…

Thank you  Vogue.fr  for your spectacular report on  Iles Formula! I’ve done my best to translate this wonderfully written article with a very fresh approach to speaking french but also with a lot of humor and witty puns that it has been…

Hair tips: Do’s & Don’ts against Hair Damage. Many of us go about our daily routine without thinking of the consequences it may have on our hair. Whether you’re hitting the gym or getting ready for a grueling day at the office,…

Spun Silk in SoHo – Iles Formula Press Day Iles Formula is the answer we’ve all been waiting for.  Finally, the pre-sale for Wendy Iles celebrity-endorsed, revolutionary hair products has begun!  It took six long years of waiting and…


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