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"Harry Josh Tools"

My New Favorite Things

  My last week started from Paris to London and ended in Los Angeles. While working on the set in London with Elle Uk, I discovered what’s to be my new favorite London florist Scarlet&Violet. Keira Knightley got to take this…

Shannon : What does the cool setting on the blow dryer mean ? The key to setting or locking in curl or wave is to let the hair cool. By using the cold button after the heat, it speeds up this process. Most people own a dryer and never use this…

How To Do Cheryl Cole's Asymmetrical Hair Style

Thanks to all of you Cheryl Cole’s fans for your loving comments on her hair style for  this weeks outing in Cannes. Here is a “How to Do” for both Cheryl and Janine’s hair. You don’t see on the photo  but…

Here is a little look into some favorite tools I work with. I need a blowdryer that is light in weight, powerful and has good hot and cold controls. I discovered Harry Josh dryer when he sent me one as a gift. I am very pleased with its…


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