Hair Tips: How To Accessorize Your Ponytail


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I always love a pony tail. Here are some of the season’s newest band covers. Some just clip over the exisiting bands but the best are the ones that come with a band attached as the band keeps them anchored in place.  If you don’t fancy metal around your tail there are bands made with a fine strand of hair attached, so looks as if you covered the elastic with hair like the pro’s do. What you can also do is use an old belt buckle like the image above. Sew your elastic to the inside bar of the buckle before doing your tail. Be sure to leave the top section free. Once the tail is attached feed the top section of hair through the belt buckle et voilà !  Find the shopping links for the other clips below. :2

The links I found for the cuffs and similar ones are full circle, half circle, long cylinder shape  hair covered bands. They come in gold, silver, copper and some colors. Have fun with them. They are the perfect accessories to dress up your tails. Cheap too, ranging from $ 3.00 to 15.00.

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