Winter Olympics

It was a treat to go to Moscow, such an extraordinary place and unusual destination for a photo shoot. I’ve always found beauty from eastern europe appealing, the woman generally have great bodies tall and lean, the most spectacular peaches and cream complexions, however in general their hair is very fine and thin. My experience working with many models and celebrities from these regions  is that their best look is the” no hair look”, when all the hair is tied away from the face. This of course is acceptable for any job but a hair campaign.

Pantene engaged me on this job to work alongside photographer Fernando Milani . We worked well together, shooting for the winter olympics campaign 2014, to add to the list of olympians already photographed (see the images below).

After work we had time to visit Red Square  and dine at  Mari Vanna  (Bill Clintons favored place in Moscow, so they say ). It was very difficult to find this restaurant. There is no sign on the street and once found , after ringing the door  bell several times, the front door ( thats locked from the inside),  is opened  by an elderly gentleman in slippers who suspiciously invites us in. We found a table in what appears to be grandmas home. Cosy and quant  with well mannered family pets roaming around.  They serve homemade “mamma style” russian food. I ordered Borscht Soup and Pelmeni meat dumplings that were served with sour cream…hum stamina food! The best i can do for you is to give you the address: Spiridonoyevsky per 10. But remember no sign so just press the bell of flat number 10 and hope the door gets answered.

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    1. Sandra Feb 21, 2013 - 11:54 AM

      One of life’s experiences I would think. A reward for your hard work xx

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