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5 Easy Festive Hairstyles for Mature Women

Easy Festive Hairstyles for Mature Women is something we wanted to present this week as 2021 comes to a festive ending. Photos speak a thousand words, so let us inspire you.

The golden rule is, that with maturity, healthy hair is key. Women today are embracing long hair at all ages, and rightfully so. We actually believe on the right woman if the hair is healthy it can bring youthfulness.


Avoid bangs if possible, instead, opt for graduated edges that open up the face and deliver volume. Graduation is not layering, in fact, it is a concave line cut from cheek or chin to the end lengths of hair. The back is one length and delivers weight to the ends of the hair. The cut is extremely versatile as the front sections are long enough to attach up and away if required.

The key is nurtured hair and there is no system better than this the Iles Formula Signature Collection  – a 3 step system of award-winning Shampoo + Conditioner + Finishing Protection Serum that transforms ALL hair types to sumptuous luscious silk from the very first use.



This coiffure is always chic and feminine. Looks super dressed up or dressed down. If your hair is adequately long enough it is the easiest style to create. Avoid hairspray at all times. Instead, apply the Iles Formula Finishing Serum to the hair for added control and to calm any fly-away fluffies.  Allow this style to live, it will look more fresh and modern if you do.




We found through Covid home confinement many women started to embrace their natural waves and curls. They also started to rethink color and many opted to embrace their gray hair at the same time.

Again nurtured hair is key. Consider using a Turban Towel after shampooing as it absorbs fast wetness without friction that often disturbs the curl pattern. The Iles Formula Curl Revive is the product for here. It has protection against heated tools + UV + extreme cold + humidity. Apply it after removing the Turban Towel. Use a diffuser or allow hair to dry naturally. If needed, take a hot curling tong to define better the curl here and there.




The silky soft texture is key here. Blow-dry in the Iles Formula Finishing Serum to deliver supple control and beautiful shine. Follow the recipe below. Keep it simple, then it is guaranteed to look fresh and modern.



It is very youthful and fun to take your short layers and add some haphazard texture. This can be done by piecing the Iles Formula Finishing Serum through the hair with your fingers on the layers of dry hair. Allow it to dry naturally. Don’t brush it.



We hope you enjoyed our ideas. We have many more to offer on our Pinterest page. Make the festive season special and don’t forget to tag us your looks on Instagram @ilesformula_hair.

Guest writer Taylor Dunn  the owner of the site https://www.passionmature.com/

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