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Shampoo Haute Performance


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6.8 fl oz / 200ml
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Shampoo Shampoo Shampoo
Our signature SHAMPOO was created by selecting the most exclusive, high performing antioxidant-rich ingredients to work for all ages and hair types. It immediately detangles + protects hair while providing manageability and a luscious silky texture. This delicate formula cleanses without ever stripping color or drying out your hair. You will immediately feel the goodness of ILES FORMULA by the bounce and luster you’ll have after just one shampoo. For the final touch, silk from Japan will nourish the hair resulting in sumptuous volume and body.
Thoroughly wet your hair before applying our shampoo. This also goes for regular shampoo but it’s even more important for sulphate-free shampoos. Add more water not more product, which will activate the ingredients to create a more sumptuous lather. Rinse hair thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.
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Add more water not more product, the water is the key to wake up the natural ingredient that creates the mousse.


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  1. L- K-

    My hair is shoulder length, wavy, fine, lots of it; salt & pepper, mostly pepper but salty enough to create frizz. I’ve had a hard time finding a shampoo that tames my hair without weighing it down, making it oily or diminishing my wave. I wash every other day & conditioned once a week if that much. I tried the ILES shampoo only and found my hair was softer with less frizz. I decided to try the conditioner & Curl Revive & Love all 3! My hair is no longer frizzy. The serum works too, however I don’t need it. The scent is amazing and the same for all 3 products. Good price point. Please don’t change it as it works! So many companies keep “improving” their products but this one is spot on. BRAVO for creating a wonderful product for my mature hair!

  2. Amyjade


    This shampoo is amazing. I just heavily highlighted my hair and this shampoo is exactly what it needed. It’s amazing how manageable, soft, well nourished my hair was after one use. I also highly recommend the serum. Game changing hair products. Will be reordering.

  3. Monica

    Love it!

    Quick Take: good for daily use, hydrating, smoothing
    I’m buying 1 bottle after another, makes my hair smooth, smells great!

    Monica B

  4. Kay Pappas

    Ok hands down the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried. I have Breck Girl, hair commercial hair! Worth every penny!

  5. Miss Vixen


    I’ve used it twice on my very thick, colored curly hair and I am happy to say it didn’t make my hair feel dry at all, but it seems difficult to get the lather going on thick hair. This, with their incredible conditioner (which is the game changer) is really really good. The serum is helpful too. Will most likely continue to use it.

  6. Reza

    I love this shampoo so much. This shampoo is very delicate and light on my hair. My hair collects shampoo residue very easily from normal shampoos, but with this shampoo my hair feels clean and smells expensive! I wish I could give it 10 stars.

  7. Amy Redpath

    I’m really glad I stumbled on one of your social posts about this shampoo. It certainly makes a world of difference to add more water. It’s just magic the amount of foam the extra water brings. I’ve always liked the way your shampoo nurtured my colour-treated hair, plus my hairdresser swears by it, but with this tip, I’ve managed to extend my wash by 2 more days! Nice brand.

  8. Kat

    I started using Iles Formula about 2 years ago- my hair had been destroyed because of a thyroid issue. When I got a sample and then ordered 1,2,3 my hair came back to health. I ran out of the shampoo and conditioner a few months ago and wasn’t working b/c of covid. I started using drugstore shampoo (not the cheapest I could find, either) and my hair started to look frizzy and trashed again. Needless to say, now that I’m working I will be getting back to using Iles- it’s amazing!!! I got the conditioner last month and will order shampoo now. I do miss getting the sample packs with my orders though, and wish you would start sending them again- I gave the last one to my stylist as part of her Christmas gift.

    • Lesli

      Thank you Kat for your message. Yes, as a repercussion of Covid's corrupted manufacturing lines in the USA, Iles Formula were without sachet samples for over 6 months! We are only now getting sachets back into stock and returning to normal to place scattered samples in customer orders. Thank you for your trust. We appreciate you.
  9. Judith Dennings


    Great Shampoo
    I have very little and very thin hair. This shampoo worked great for me. A friend that I had not seen in a long time actually complimented me on my hair recently. It smells great too. It’s pricey but it has been worth it for me.

  10. Kristy Hair Stylist

    Kristy Hair Stylist
    Your products are amazing! I’m on day 3 now with no dry shampoo! Usually I can not get past day one, and what’s more, I still have volume.

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