The Complete Pre + Aftercare Pack For Extension Wearers
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・Limited edition.
・Care and maintain extensions + scalp + wearer’s own hair.
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・Shampoo 200ml + Conditioner 200ml + Finishing Serum 200ml + Curl Revive 200ml + Conditioner Distribution Comb. Presented in a soft, faux leather beauty bag.

・Iles Formula is chosen by the world's leading extension salons. Why? Our formulas work on ALL ages + hair types, making them ideal for extension wearers who often experience a different extension hair texture to their natural hair.

・The Finishing Serum delivers a lighter, silky effect, excellent if blow dried into the wearer's own thin, fine hair as it organically makes it feel and look thicker. However, extension hair is often thicker and more coarse, especially hair from India or Asia, so requires a weightier serum.

・The Curl Revive with its cashmere texture is ideal for not only curls but also for all extension hair types and keratin treated hair.

・Both serums are the ultimate protector against all environmental assaults; Heat + UV + Humidity + Color Fade.

・Bespoke, allergen-free perfume of White Tea Flower.

・No Sulfates + No Silicones + No Parabens.

Iles Formula Shampoo:

・Apply to very wet hair.
・Add more water while massaging, not more product. Water is the key to activating an indulgent lather.
・An abundance of lather indicates correct usage of the shampoo.
・In the case of hair breakage, this lather should be brought all the way to the ends. Allow the mousse to sit on the mid length and ends for about 1 minute. This starts the repair process by softening brittle hair.
・Rinse thoroughly.
・For very damaged or broken hair, we advise a 3rd shampoo.
・Extension hair will have often been chemically treated at some point, meaning there will be porosity issues in the hair shaft which the shampoo fixes. The perfectly pH balanced sulfate free Shampoo also regulates and balances the scalp addressing dryness or soothing any irritation that is commonly associated with extensions.

Iles Formula Conditioner:

・Apply evenly an inch from roots to ends.
・Comb through for even distribution.
・Repair is immediate. Rinse.
・The Iles Formula Conditioner instantly shuts down the hair cuticle and does not deposit any harmful residue nor coat the hair with proteins or keratin which is the major cause of hair breakage amongst extension wearers.

Iles Formula Finishing Serum + Curl Revive:

・Apply Finishing Serum (own hair) evenly to damp mid length and ends before styling.
・Apply Curl Revive to the extension hair.
・Heat activate for phenomenal results.
・Each morning, apply either the Finishing Serum or Curl Revive to dry hair to refresh protection + prevent frizz.
・Styling serums are vital for the easy styling of hair extensions without fear of tangling, breakage or matting, and for bringing an expensive looking lustre to the hair. The Finishing Serum gives a silky texture for finer, virgin hair. The Curl Revive gives a cashmere texture for the more textured extensions.


Both are serums that protect the hair against heated tools and have UV filters to protect against color fade and humidity without ever weighing the hair down. The Finishing Serum delivers a lighter silky effect, excellent if blow dried into fine, thin hair as it will make the hair feel and look thicker. The Curl Revive delivers a weightier, cashmere effect to the hair so is ideal for all curl, wave and textured hair. It also works very well for thick, coarse Indian, Asian and chemically straightened hair. One can also cocktail these serums. For example, someone with extensions would use the Finishing Serum on the their thin, fine, natural hair and the Curl Revive on their extensions.


The Shampoo is sulfate free + silicon free + paraben free. The secret to our Shampoo is to use more water, not more product to activate the root juices then start massaging into the hair immediately to create an abundance of lather that will help distribute all the nutrients to the hair.
The Conditioner is our jewel and INSTANTLY repairs all hair texture to sumptuous, soft silk. Apply 1 inch from roots then comb the conditioner through to ensure even distribution. If you don't have a wide tooth comb please use a wet brush. Our conditioner heals hair by closing the hair cuticles tightly without ever coating it like traditional conditioners, nor leaving harmful residues like protein or keratin that will overtime build up and use breakage. Its performance is phenomenal. Reviews are our testimony.
The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is the hair's best protector against heated tools + UV + color fade + humidity, without ever weighing the hair down. It can be used on both wet hair before drying, and on dry hair too to tame down any frizz. It is exceptional when heat activated, e.g. when blow-dried into the hair. It works like magic, making thin hair feel organically thicker, and calms down thick, bushy hair. Please be sure to apply to each section about 1 inch from roots to ends.
The most important part of the shower process with curls is not to disrupt the curl too much. Once you've completed the Shampoo step, apply the Conditioner and comb the curls through to remove any tangles and knots in the parting you wish as this will be the last chance you have to comb your curls until dry. Stand under the shower and let the water roll through the hair in a downward direction to rinse the Conditioner so as not to add friction and avoid frizz. Apply our Turban Towel to gently squeeze out water without friction. Remove the towel, spray Curl Revive liberally through the hair and gently work it through the curls with your fingers. Let it dry naturally and do not touch until dry. Then use a wide tooth comb or fingers to manipulate the hair afterwards. Your curls will be perfectly formed and phenomenal.


Yes. Iles Formula is phenomenal on all hair extensions. We have some of the best extension salons using and selling Iles Formula as home care for their clients. As your extensions age, they will begin to feel rough and dry. Iles Formula transforms this hair to sumptuous silk. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.

Before and after

No retouching. No extensions. Results after just one application of our 3 step formulas.