Arabian Nights

Do you believe that sometimes reality overtakes the fiction? I do, especially after last week spent in the Arabian Nights Kingdom where I went for a Royal wedding. It was surreal, from the first class Arabian flight which exceeded in luxury and comfort if compared to the usual Air France Business treat, to the drive through the dessert to a remote and paradisiac oasis.

With my work it is sometimes impossible to document it with a camera, unfortunately  this job was one of those occasions. It was such feast for the eyes, I would have loved to share with you some of those breath taking moments. Instead I choose this picture of the Sheik Zayed Mosque as the black and white form and contrast remind me of the crowd of women in their black hijabs and burqas and the men in their pristine white kandora robes.

The women in general have long strong hair often to the waist, its usually very healthy hair. I ask myself, is it because they tuck their hair away under a head scarf which protects it from outside elements of pollution and sunshine, that it remains so healthy all the way to the ends, maybe .

It's quite a challenge so much hair. Generally what's required for these gala events is hair up with a very couture  finish or as I find the younger generation preferring hair down with a red carpet  feel.

Attaching tiaras often cause me headaches on the down styles, I've devised a method of tiny under braids that give me a support to hook the tiara into. My biggest fear is a tiara that falls off, often there can be a 30 meters veil  sewn onto the tiara,creating weight and drag especially when the bride is walking over carpet, therefore I give the attaching of one the greatest importance .

The wedding is an event shared amongst women taking place in the evening with the bride being presented at around midnight after her guests have dined. The guests on average are around 1000 women all dressed in the latest couture and wearing the most magnificent jewels.

I've seen many spectacular events in my life, but none come close to the atmosphere of an Arabic Royal wedding. The flowers,the food, the jewels, the couture, the palaces of marble and gold, everything comes in mind-blowing abundance.

I wish the Princess and her Prince a very long and happy life.

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