David Bowie is...

David Bowie is a "must see" exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum London with Bowie's  private archives of decades on exquisite moments.

David Bowie is…also a lot about hair. My contribution to the big star celebrations was on my recent shoot for Louis Vuitton. It's a haircut I did with a real kick from the 70's, better known back then as a "mullet or shag "cut.

David Bowie and Jane Fonda are possibly the 2 artists  that made this cut most popular.  Here I made  a mix of both the Bowie and Fonda look with a bit of extra length  around the nape of neck, which also looks cool if tied away in a rough pony tail with a textured top.

You can view my complete Louis Vuitton story on Facebook while listening to "The Jean Genie".

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