Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger by Iles Formula
My #ThrowbackThursday  image is of Diane Kruger. I shot this picture about 5 years ago for Harper's Bazaar UK  with photographer Ralph Mecke.

Diane has fine textured hair and at this time it was quite layered . I blow dried her hair as a basic dry technique then made these broken waves with my small one inch straightening iron. I took meshes haphazardly and slipped them through the straightening blades at the same time turning my wrist toward the back of head. The secret is to be fluid in your movement, dont stop while turning  your hand or you will have a strange mark appear in the hair .

Once done dishevil a little of the curl with wind from a blow dryer . Dont brush, just use fingers to shake hair into place.

My favourite starightening tong is  #GHD 1 inch.

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