Flying Colors

I do get to work with many great makeup artists from all around the world .One in particular I met when i first moved to Europe is Yasmin Heinz . Over the years we have done many creative shoots together.

The past years Yasmin has been compiling her archives together to publish. This week ¨Flying Colors ¨ went on sale . At present its only available in German but hopefully soon in English. this publication is for everyone who shares her passion for makeup , especially a great handbook for professionals and young artists working in the beauty and fashion business where she tells of  many guarded industry secrets of the working makeup artist.

Here are two editorial stories from the book that she and I worked on showing 4 different looks on the same model Kristina Kruse. Also featured  was our  most recent job with Jean Paul Gaultier and Spanish actress Blanca Suarez.

Flying Colors by Iles Formula

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