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Hair For Success by Iles Formula
In today's highly competitive workplace, to get the job requires a combination of qualifications and looking the part.  Seven things that an interviewer notices about you… Your qualifications, your enthusiasm, your preparedness, your conversational style, your body language, your attire/appearance, and your arrival time. A failure in any one of these areas could be the difference between getting and losing a job opportunity. Your advantage should be that you are well prepared in all of these areas. It might sound cliché, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Clearly, it is crucial to put your best foot forward by making your appearance professional and memorable. Always remind yourself that you are going up against many other candidates who may have a similar work history documented in their resume. You don’t get the chance to choose your competition. In most job interviews it is your ability to connect and differentiate yourself from others that will be the difference between success and failure. Your appearance is one way to really set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates, so it is very important to personify a confident and professional look.

If you are feeling good about how your look it will certainly come across in your body language, enthusiasm, and even your conversational style. Your goal is to get the job or get to the next stage in the interview process so all aspects of your presentation should be such that the interviewer feels totally confident and pleased to move you on to the next step. Remember, the interviewer knows they will be judged by the overall quality of the candidates they recommend.

Just as important as wearing the right outfit to the job interview is the style of hair you choose when you present at an interview. By choosing the perfect hairstyle/color for the type of job you seek, you're giving yourself a substantial advantage over other potential candidates who may have skipped this part of the preparation. When thinking of the right style, keep these important tips in mind:

Taylor your hair style based on the type of job you're seeking. In the most general of terms, more professional settings (usually in an office environment) require a more conservative look, while artistic and entertainment based jobs tend to favor an adventurous style. However, it is in your best interest not to guess. Know what kind of style is appropriate for the job location by doing some simple investigation through the internet, personal contacts, or by visiting the job site in person.

Your interviewer wants to see that you will fit in as a member of the team. You gain an advantage by being personable, professional, and aware of your appearance. Eye contact is crucial! Be sure to trim your bangs, if you have them, to an appropriate length so as to not hide your eyes during the interview.

It is just as crucial to find the best style that highlights your face to its most favorable advantage.

In order to get the best style, you need to recognize and evaluate the shape of your face. In the mirror, with your hair tied back, trace the outline of your face using lipstick. Now you can really see the shape of your face. Help yourself look your best by discussing this with your stylist so that you can arrive at a style that is most appealing on you.

Consider these different facial shapes and recognize some important do's and don’ts when it comes to haircut and style:

Oval -

This is the face shape with the most versatile hairstyle options, however, whatever hairstyle you choose you would do well to make sure your hair isn't obstructing your face.

Rectangular or Oblong -

You may want to consider layers to add some smoothness to your rectangular facial structure. Try to avoid having longer hair as this will also work to further elongate your face. Go with a shorter/medium cut along with styled bangs to make your head look smaller.

Square -

For square faces, you may want to go with a contoured style that creates a softer frame. Feather the ends of your hair to further emphasize this.

Round -

Since the widest part of the face is between the ears, go with a centered part. Be sure to consider your roundness and stay away from shorter cuts.

Heart-shaped -

For those with heart-shaped faces, your best bet is the "chin length" bob which works to add symmetry to the chin.

Triangular -

Go with the wedge cut on this one, which adds symmetry to the eyes and temples.

Diamond -

There are a lot of different options with this face shape, as it already has good symmetry.

Also think about your body shape as you pick your next hairdo.

For the tall, skinny body type the only thing you should avoid is having too much hair height as it will make you look asymmetrical.

For fuller body figures, it is best to work with layers and not to have too much width or volume on the sides.

For shorter women it is best to avoid long hair. Go with a short cut to understate your height.

When in doubt:

Go with a bob just below your shoulder area. All types of facial structure can work with this style, whether you want to tie it back or put it up. Keep in mind the texture of your hair and be sure to have it healthy and shiny!

It is important to be prepared for your hair appointment and give yourself plenty of time in advance of your interview. Choosing the right look is just as crucial as choosing the right hairstylist, so be sure to bring references (photos, magazines) with you to your appointment. Remember, if your stylist isn't paying attention to your needs - go to someone else! Your next job may be on the line.

Above all else, it is important to have your hair look as healthy as possible. By using quality conditioners you can avoid dry, lifeless hair. The Trio of IlesFormula shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum are gauranteed to deliver in one treatment our signature spun silk finish.

Now dress and style for success!

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