Hair tips: Do's & Don’ts against Hair Damage

Hair tips: Do's & Don’ts against Hair Damage by Iles Formula

Hair tips: Do's & Don’ts against Hair Damage.

Many of us go about our daily routine without thinking of the consequences it may have on our hair. Whether you're hitting the gym or getting ready for a grueling day at the office, sometimes it's important to adjust your daily hair routine in order to keep your hair healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. Consequently, today we will speak about some tips for damaged hair to help you prevent hair damage.

Tips for damaged hair

  • When you're at the beach, you certainly make sure to put on sunscreen to protect your skin, but it’s just as crucial to put UV protection on your hair. So DO find a good product such as ILES FORMULA finishing serum, so that you do not fall victim to the damage that excessive exposure to the sun can cause.
  • Often times when women use the same shampoo they can get a build-up of unwanted oils and particles. It's important to use a high quality shampoo sulfate free and paraben free. Root juices from the Amazon are one of the 16 key ingredients in Iles Formula shampoo. To know more about the ingredients of these amazing formulas visit DO use Iles Formula shampoo.
  • DON'T use excessive heat with the hair dryer when you run it through the hair; using the dryer with excessive force can dry the hair out and cause breakage. Definitely don't allow the nozzel to get too close to the hair shaft. The Iles Formula finishing serum has special heat protectors that will help protect against this.
  • Be sure to purchase a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer, and DO use it so you do not unintentionally burn your hair.
  • When using a towel to dry your hair DON'T apply too much pressure, and certainly DON'T use friction, just pat it dry. Always massage the hair gently to ensure a full body look.
  • Watch your hairline! DON'T put your hair in a high ponytail too frequently this can cause stress at the roots and even hair loss as you age.
  • DON'T  use elastics that can tear and damage the hair when you least expect it! It's often that finer elastics cause more problems. DO opt for fabric covered elastics, never raw rubber bands.
  • Personally I dont like using hairspray. On brushing this out of hair, especially the firm hold cheaper brands, stress is put upon the hair.
  • If you are lucky enough to own a sports car, DO keep hair tied away while driving to avoid that tunnel wind that delivers instant knots and snags.
  • And lastly almost everyone with length in their hair, you DO need to use conditioner after shampooing. Take a look at the testimonial film on Iles Formula, and see how passionate I am about my formulas. Our Discovery Pack is inexpensive and the best way to discover these benchmark formulas that deliver INSTANT repair on all hair types.

I hope those tips for damaged hair will help your hair get the perfect and healthy look!

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