Hammam, one says it's relaxing...

Every once in a while there is a job which becomes a nightmare. I believe it's the same in most work  situations no matter where it comes from, the task itself or due to external elements like weather, strikes, etc… Istanbul this week was probably a good location for an advertising shoot mid December , not too far away from London, milder climate and "exotic". The crew were perfect so was the choice of the hotel, Kempinski Palace my favorite hotel chain .

The photo above is the roof of the hammam we filmed in, quite a spectacular room all carved decoration on marble, but after spending eighteen hours working inside, day after day, it becomes a bit monotonous and small. A hamman is not  the ideal place for a hair campaign as humidity makes the hair limp or frizzy. I was working with black african hair on a storyboard requiring straight silky hair. I believe that even if you are not a hairdresser you'll understand that challenge.

My assistant and I didn't draw breath, full time with hair straighteners ironing out the afro. As if the steam of the hamman was not enough, it started snowing through a hole in the roof. By the time the snow hit  the models head it had transformed into huge droplets of water, creating more frizz! It came to a point we were like hallucinating from sheer exhaustion, the body working on overdrive, the mind just  barely keeping up.

Yes, it was a hard working week with no frills attached. With the days work eating so many of the hours away, I didn't get to discover Istanbul. My one souvenir was a box of  delicious rose turkish delight  that I bought in duty free on my way home.

This was the last job for the year, now I have only ahead of me Christmas festivities surrounded by family, friends,  good food , good wine, rest and play.

I wish you all a marvelous festive time, full of good health, happiness and love .

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