Hey Girls! Curls are back for Fall.

Curls are back for the fall. Trying to make a classy and chic hair statement without breaking your wallet? You can create effortless cool curly hairstyles to accentuate your classic natural look for a Friday night, or to be fashionable for that important business meeting or just build on your own natural curls. No matter the occasion, be sure to follow these tips for a healthy voluptuous curl:


Stevie Nicks and her cool curly hairstyle

The diminutive Stevie Nicks did it best back in the 70's wearing curled bangs and a white muslin dress, just like today, only now the dress is vintage! The secret to get cool curly hairstyles like curly bangs is to keep them long and low near the brows. Place the tongs in verticle sections not horizontal so the length of bangs does not shrink up shorter.

Hey Girls! Curls are back for Fall. by Iles Formula

 I've always adored Freja's short hair waves. Notice it's the shape that makes it "on point". The curl is not at all perfect. In fact, the style is all irregular as a natural wave or curl would be. A great trick, if you are adding curl, is to turn your head upside down after curling to destroy all the curl perfection with heat from a dryer while stretching the ends a bit to loosen off the curl.

Hey Girls! Curls are back for Fall. by Iles Formula

Hey Girls! Curls are back for Fall. by Iles Formula

Julia Roberts & Madonna cool curly hairstyles

If your hair is long opt for curls on top of your natural ones to really build out the volume. Remember the classic and timeless unruly curl look of Jerry Hall from the 70's or perhaps add volume to the top like Julia Roberts's natural curls to give a retro 80's feel to the style. Remember Madonna and her voluminous curls, which became her signature style for every important event. These are cool curly hairstyles to pull from to get your own curls into the fall mood.

Hey Girls! Curls are back for Fall. by Iles Formula

Age is of no problem when it comes to an iconic curly hairstyle. Look at how stunning this woman looks with her beautifully conditioned crowned curls. Condition is the key... No crunchy curls girls, mousse is out. Healthy condition and the natural look are in!

Hey Girls! Curls are back for Fall. by Iles Formula

Please no crunchy curls, which means no mousse, no gels, just beautifully conditioned hair. Hair must be soft and touchable, what I call sumptuous, spun silk texture.

Having naturally curly hair myself and working on photo shoots all around the world creating curly looks for studio jobs my recipe delivers every time;

I always use my 1 2 & 3 formulas of Iles Formula. If I can not shampoo and condition the hair then I always apply the number 3 finishing serum to damp hair then air dry naturally the curly hair. Once dried I'd apply a little more finishing serum before applying any heated tools that I may be using to push the curls to another level.

The curly image below I did some years ago, with no mousse or gel just well conditioned hair. There was a natural wave in the models hair, which I built on using 2 different sized hot tongs to create even more curl to this over-flowing volume.

Have fun with it, especially through winter, no worries about humidity all the fluffys will work perfectly with these cool curly hairstyles!

Hey Girls! Curls are back for Fall. by Iles Formula

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