How To Look Stunning For Mother's Day Brunch

It's time again to celebrate the beautiful ladies in our lives who sacrifice everything to make sure that we are taken care of.  Those ladies are our lovely Mother's.  Each of us have different traditions for how we celebrate the leading ladies and no matter what your family does to honor Mum, we're sure you will be getting dressed up to honor the Queen of your family.  If you are thinking about what you will wear, or how you will style your hair, this journal How To Look Stunning For Mother's Day Brunch will provide you with all the tips and inspiration you need.

Embrace The Curls

If time is not on your side the morning of Mother's Day and you have curly hair texture, then simply embrace your curls.  Soft, loose touchable curls are the envy of all women.  So why fight what mother nature has given you?  For premium results shampoo and condition with  Iles Formula, this will already make a visible difference to your curls. Remove excess water gently not to disturb the curl too much. Apply liberally  Iles Formula Finishing Serum  to wet hair, comb through and squeeze your curls back into place and dont touch again until dry. This serum delivers memory to the hair so it's perfect to remind your curls to behave. Use a curling iron to touch up any areas that need a little detail by wrapping random sections around the iron vertically. Once dry finish with a little more  Iles serum of the outer surface to settle any fluffy hairs.

These products are brilliant on your curls delivering soft and luscious hair with no cruncth!


How To Look Stunning For Mother's Day Brunch by Iles Formula





How To Look Stunning For Mother's Day Brunch by Iles Formula 



Accessories always seem to make their way into inspiration posts of ours, and that is simply because they are that accessory that can dress up any hairstyle. They add that special touch of detail that sometimes your hairstyle needs to take it from basic to major.  So don't be afraid to experiment.  Accessories can include, flowers, barrettes, bows, ribbons, clips, pins, broaches, just to name a few.  They can be used to hold back fringe you are growing out, to detail a chignon or ponytail, or tied into a pretty little bow.  They are super fun to play around with and very brunch appropriate.  Take a look at some of our inspirations below.

Beautiful Braids


Adding braids to your hair can be another way  How To Look Stunning For Mother's Day Brunch.  A super easy way to change up your regular hairstyle.  Braids can be styled like a headband, or even mimic the look of a feather.  A soft loosely curled hairstyle pulled to the side in a lived in braid is an effortless chic option for a no fuss hairstyle.  Two long pigtail braids are simple and fun but make a great statement as well.  Here are some of our favorites:


The Perfect Ponytail

You can literally never go wrong with a perfect ponytail.  It's also a great hairstyle for those short on time.  Sometimes the morning gets the best of you and you're left wondering how your going to pull it together in such a short period of time.  If time is not on your side, always go for a ponytail because you can pop in a few random curls with your iron and be on your way.  Any type of ponytail works and can be worn if you are going for a casual Mother's Day brunch or to a fancy brunch. The Iles Formula Serum is again your go-to product for any fluffies around the hairline , and to keep the hair perfectly slick.

Bouncy Blowout

Nothing beats a good blowout, and if your heading to brunch for Mother's Day then this hairstyle will be perfect.  Most lengths of hair can benefit, and if you enjoy wearing a nice blowout, then ask  for a style with bouncy curls and volume.  Doing it yourself?  No problem...Use  the Iles Formula 3 step system , if you don't already know Iles try the Discovery Pack of our 3 signature formulas that have all you need for this sumptous blow dry.  These formulas will provide lift and movement within the hair and delivers memory and sumptuos texture..... everything you need for a gorgeous blowout.  After round brushing each section, roll it and clip it up, allowing it to cool completely before releasing.  This will provide you the beautiful movement and bounce.  This classic look can be paired casual or dressed up and will actually last several days.

Lived In Waves

Every women loves the idea of being able to wash and go and end up with the most beautiful lived in waves.  Unfortunately for most of us this isn't how it ends up turning out.  Instead of literally washing and going, why not try this idea with a little more purpose and intention.  Perhaps wash your hair early and allow it the time it needs to fully dry.  Then, take a very large barrel curling iron and add random alternating waves by wrapping one section towards the face and one section away from the face.  If your hair already has a nice texture, you may only need to add random curls to add a little more detail.  Otherwise, curl as much as you need to create a polished and finished look.

This style can be worn on varying lengths of hair from short chin length bobs to longer one length hairstyles, so it can be a great option for all.

Now that we have shared with you many options for How To Look Stunning For Mother's Day Brunch, we want to know which one you will be trying?  We don't always get the chance to get dressed up and look stunning so why not take advantage of it this weekend for the Mother's Day holiday.

If you end up trying any of these styles, don't forget to tag us in @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula , we love to see your posts on social media.  We hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day and a great time celebrating with your family.

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