How to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter

While winter brings festive parties and cozy nights at home, it also comes with the crisp, dry air that can lead to brittle or weather-worn locks. The winter chill can be harsh on all hair textures and hair types, so it is vital to give your hair a little extra love and care during this season. Here are eight hot tips to keep your tresses looking glossy and refreshed this winter.

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1.    Use a Hair Mask Weekly

Since the winter air is dry and frigid, it is a necessity to apply nourishing and hydrating treatments often. Using an ultra-rejuvenating mask once a week that is filled with vitamins and nut oils can help strengthen your hair against damage. The Iles Formula Mask Haute Performance nourishes your tresses deeply, ensuring that the scalp is properly nurtured as well. Vitamins B5 and E along with luxurious Tucuma Butter help to strengthen the cuticle without weighing your hair down with heavy products.

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2. Avoid Heat Styling

As difficult as this one is, it is of utmost importance to leave the heat tools alone during the cooler months. Since locks are already dry and prone to damage, using any sort of heat on them can make them even more brittle. Try using the trendy, heatless “sock curls” technique, or embrace your natural texture. If you do use heat for styling, try to minimize the number of days you are using hot tools, and always use the Iles protection serum.

3. Condition the Right Way

We all know that conditioner is the holy grail of hair products, especially for adding moisture back to the locks. For winter, a conditioner is an absolute essential. Use a conditioner that has rejuvenating properties and prevents breakage. Make sure to leave on the conditioner for a few minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

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A winter haircare staple from Iles Formula is The Haute Performance Conditioner. Rich in Japanese silk and nourishing vitamins, this conditioner can transform and repair any type of damaged hair into lustrous tresses. Try to concentrate the formula on the mid length and ends of your hair, where breakage is most likely to occur.

4. Dry Your Hair with a Turban

If you usually dry your hair with a cotton towel, this can lead to increased friction and potential damage to the hair cuticle. Those cotton towels can also leave your hair looking frizzy and tangled. Drying your hair with a microfiber turban is ideal to keep your locks properly moisturized and healthy.

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The Iles Formula Hair Turban is ultra-absorbent and luxuriously soft to wick away water but keeps hair frizz-free and silky smooth at the same time. It’s the perfect post-shower or bath companion to ensure your hair is gently dried.

5. Use a Hair Serum Every Day

It is vital to use a hair serum every day for protection against the winter weather. Sun, snow, wind, dry air…a nourishing serum can keep the hair follicle safe from all the elements. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum Haute Performance keeps your tresses safe with hand-picked, sustainably-sourced vitamins, nut oils, silk, and ceramide. It can revive dull, brittle textures to spun-silk, lustrous locks. As a bonus, it can also repair damage and protect against heat styling.

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6. Cover Your Hair

Whether you are outside to build a snowman or stroll through the streets to admire the lights, it is best to cover your hair with a scarf or hat. Protect your tresses from winter wind, snow, and dry air with coverage. Also, try adding a silk lining inside your hat to reduce friction and therefore potential damage.

7. Avoid Hot Showers

While we may want to warm up from the winter chill with a nice hot shower, it is best to leave the water a bit cooler when we rinse our hair with shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. Hot water can strip the hair of natural oils and moisture, leaving behind dull and damaged strands. An extra boost of cool water at the end of the shower can also help seal the cuticle from breakage.

8. Get Regular Trims

Because of the weather’s effects, your hair may experience more split ends and damage at the ends. For the overall health of your locks, it’s important to schedule a trim every four to six weeks. This will help keep your hair looking nourished and glowing throughout the holiday season.

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While this winter weather brings memorable holidays and cozy evenings at home, it is vital to nurture and treat our tresses gently. Using only the most luxurious and nourishing formulas will help to maintain those luscious, flowing locks the festive air calls for.


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