Iles Formula Haircare Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re searching for the festive season’s ultimate holiday gift, look no further than our luxurious and revitalizing formulas. It’s time to give the gift of confidence and glossy, lustrous hair to your loved ones because there’s nothing like a quality hair care formula to make someone feel special.


For Serious Gifters:

It can be difficult to find those picture-perfect gifts for our loved ones during the holiday season. For those most serious gifts that will make your friends and family feel treasured, we have numerous Iles Formula specially crafted collections and packs.

Signature Collection

The Iles Formula Signature Collection is our classic line-up of essentials carefully crafted with innovative formulas. The tried-and-true method of Iles Formula includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Serum, and Conditioner Distribution Comb. Give the gift of a transformative hair care experience, instantly transforming any type of hair into nurtured, lustrous hair.


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The Extension Pack 

For a complete pre and after-care kit for those loved ones with extensions, the limited-edition Extension Pack from Iles Formula is ideal to maintain top condition for extensions and their own hair. Presented in a soft, faux leather beauty bag, the Extension Pack features Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Serum, Curl Revive, and Conditioner Distribution Comb. Considering there usually are varying textures due to extension versus the original hair, the Extension Pack ensures that these textures are combined to produce a naturally cohesive silkiness in both look and feel.


          Image by Iles Formula Ambassador Salon @shawnrighthair 

      Image by Iles Formula ambassador salon @domenic.gialleonardo

Nurture Pack

To give a truly indulgent and spa-like experience, the limited-edition Nurture Pack provides the ultimate replenishing and strengthening collection. The Iles Formula Nurture Pack combines Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, and Conditioner Distribution Comb in one luxury faux-leather bag to revitalize any hair type.


For those with Curly Hair:

Curly girls require a bit of a different hair care routine, and Iles Formula has you covered. With specially curated formulas for those with wavy, thick, curly, or coarse hair textures, these will be sure to leave curls carefully defined, frizz free and hydrated.

Curl Revive

The Curl Revive Haute Performance Serum is a super-charged, weightier formula that is transformative for not only curly hair but also thick, wavy, coarse, Keratin-treated hair. Keeping curls properly nourished with raw, sustainable ingredients, curls will be supported to maintain their beautiful definition as well as diminish frizz. For the perfect cashmere finish, this serum can be applied to both wet and dry hair. The serum protects hair from heated tools + UV and extreme cold assault.


Stocking Stuffers:

 The Minis

A thoughtful, unique stocking stuffer to ensure a cheery holiday morning is the Minis Collection, an exclusive line-up of Iles Formula favorites. The Signature Collection of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Finishing Serum essentials in convenient 50 ml travel sizes will deliver the sumptuous hair of dreams. Perfect for those loved ones to add to their gym bag or suitcase, the Minis Collection has the same rejuvenating powers as the Signature Collection, just in an easy-to-carry size.


Hair Turban  

For a healthy, frizz free finish, the Iles Formula Hair Turban is a must. With this gentle microfiber towel, hair can be gently swept up and dried with extra absorption. The turban reduces frizz, and damage, and leaves curly hair lustrous and soft. Iles Formula’s turban is uniquely created to ensure all lengths and hair types can fit under the luxurious hair wrap.


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Turban Towel

For an extra absorbent, frizz-free result, but excellent also just to use each day when cleansing your skin to keep cleansing oils and creams from soiling the hairline. The Turban Towel adds the perfect touch to any holiday stocking. Reduce static and breakage and add the ultimate frizz free finish with the Turban Towel that comes in two colors: white and gray.


Image by @amanda.mstyling

Twilly Hair Ties

In a limited-edition collaboration with French artist Noémie Lacroix, the Twilly Hair Ties are made of 100% silk in three unique, timeless patterns. These gorgeous Twilly Hair Ties can be used to wrap up lustrous tresses or be added to your handbag, as most women do in France.


Conditioner Distribution Comb

What is a must-have stocking stuffer this holiday season? Founder Wendy Ile’s favorite styling tool, the Conditioner Distribution Comb. A comb gentle on both wet and dry hair, this preferred styling tool helps to evenly distribute conditioner or any formula throughout your locks, ensuring perfect application. Wendy loves to finish all her blow outs with this comb. The texture lines it delivers are perfect, she claims

Whether you are looking for a serious holiday gift or a stocking stuffer, Iles Formula has something for everyone on your list. This holiday season, let your gifts do the talking with our range of premium hair care packs or small but mighty stocking stuffers.

Happy Holiday shopping everyone! We hope this has been helpful.

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