Iles Formula Visits Badezimmer Potsdam

Liebeserklärung von Badezimmer Potsdam

Recently, Wendy our Founder, visited Badezimmer, an exceptional beauty concept store in Potsdam Germany owned by dynamic husband and wife team Susan Schulz and Tim Ackermann. This gem of a store has a hand picked selection by Susan of individual and innovative beauty brands from around the world and Iles Formula is proud to be on their shelves. Wendy was thrilled to visit and so touched by  the local ladies and some very young fans that came to ask questions and listen to her speak about hair and Iles Formula.

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Love Declaration from Badezimmer Potsdam

"I've been thinking a long time about whether and how I should describe the visit of Wendy Iles in our Badezimmer last month.

Then it was relatively clear, but I would not bother you with my euphoria for the hair care series Iles Formula by and with Wendy Iles. No, I want to inspire you for this and then the question arises of the how!

The solution is quite simple! With a declaration of love to a woman! She, Wendy Iles, made it with a cheerful "Hello!" just before my hunching little heart, and only a few hours later she was full and in the middle of my heart! I am very enthusiastic about new things, so I finally came across Iles Formula. However, only a few things remain in my memory, and above all people, Wendy Iles is such a human.

She is almost as tall (others claim small) as me. Her heart seems to have the size of the planet Jupiter, her grace is like the sun (she moves very calmly, so unaffected) and her way of approaching people is accompanied by so much cordiality and knowledge that you can only fall in love.

We still talk a lot about her visit to the Badezimmer in Potsdam. Many customers tell me about the experiences they have made through the tips of Wendy with their hair. Some come in to briefly call a thank you, like this morning! One customer put it in a nutshell: "From the first day on no more looking like royal poodle! (Women with such a hair structure will understand). Another customer had a very attentive husband who after the great day of the "Haarbeschau" immediately bought the Gift Box for his beloved wife and only shouted through the window last week: "Never again bad-hair-days with my wife! You are a treasure! "I often think of the young girls, who were just wondering about Wendy Iles, who were gently taken by her, who listened to them, gave them tips and, of course, a selfie, and also two and naturally, also three.

It is certainly not just me, but this afternoon I will not forget so quickly. An afternoon with a woman who has a long way behind her, never gives up, always believes in her dreams and who is not afraid of the hard work!

The development of her own hair care series has lasted over three years. For this, she was rightly awarded the "Hollywood Beauty Award", the Oscar. Their goal was and is to present perfect, healthy and full hair. With her 3 Step System, she managed it. Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Serum. These three products provide 100% lightness and volume. The hair is wrapped in silk, it gets luster and fullness, quite natural. The newest product in the nursing series is a rich mask, especially for the consumer circle, of Indian, Arabian and African descent. And fans can already look forward to a hair perfume with the signature scent of the line, thus white flowers.

But everything started with Vidal Sassoon. He had looked over her shoulder and back in Australia she opened her own shops. It never stopped, evolved further, adapted to modern times. Soon she was booked as a freelancer and after she successfully mastered the first assignment at the Australian Vogue, things took their uninhibited course. The rest is known. Wendy Iles travels between New York, Sydney, London, Paris, Tokyo, does not seem to get tired, never forgetting her - her charming and open smile that catches you right away!

Wendy Iles is an Australian woman - a strong woman! If she wants something, then she gets it!

If you want to make your hair happy, then listen to Wendy Iles and throw the hairspray into the bin! Let your hair blow, bounce! Let it move, let it swing! Let's do it!"

Thank you Badezimmer, we love you too!

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