Iles Formula Women : Audrey Petit-Grard

Iles Formula Women introduces you today to Audrey Petit-Grard, Agent and co-Founder of ArtList Paris New York.

Audrey Petit-Grard and Nathalie Moussier founded ArtList in 2006, representing talents such as photographers, stylists, illustrators, artistic directors, set designers, hair stylist and make up artists.

ArtList distinguishes itself through its trans-disciplinary approach, combining marketing, editorial and personal projects to create a single unique language, reflecting the various style and inclination of its artists, above and beyond duty, as well as being an agent ArtList accompanies and strengthens its artists in their development by supporting their work through exhibitions or publishing. Always on outlook, ArtList strives to explore all new artistic horizons.

Audrey has been Agent to our Founder Wendy Iles for over one decade. We are proud to feature her today on Iles Formula Women.

Iles Formula Women : Audrey Petit-Grard by Iles Formula

IF: What is the most inspiring thing you've learned at your job?
APG: The human relation... The hardest but also the most fascinating.

IF: Your favourite destination?
APG: South of France, especially in spring.

IF: Best fashion Inspiration decade?
APG: There are a lot, but the 50’s for me is maybe the most chic and glamorous, for both men and women.

IF: If you were to change something about yourself what would it be?
APG: My "mauvais caractère"... Thank you Dad.

IF: Your ultimate dinner party guests?
APG: Family and friends.

IF: Relationship with your hair?
APG: Complicated since a long time (hair colors, sun exposure, not using the right products or using bad quality products)... My hair was damaged but now, they do look younger and shiny! Iles Formula changed my life - really. Hairstyles can define your day, your mood and with healthy hair, you can gain 10/15 years.

IF: How did you hear about Iles Formula?
APG: I have the privilege to know the incredible co-Founder,  Wendy Iles.

IF: Do you read direction for use?
APG: Honestly... I didn't the 1st time. I stupidly thought it was just a normal hair care not a hair repair. However, after Wendy asked me the same question, I did read the directions and it changed the whole performance - especially for the conditioner. Now it’s like a ritual.

IF: Do you read the composition of a product?
APG: Yes, since a few years I pay a lot of attention to products composition. It's like for the food, we need to be careful unfortunately. It’s important for me.

IF: Your favourite Iles Formula product?
APG: I would say the Haute Performance Finishing Serum because I use it all the time - often just to perfume my hair,  lightly on the mid lengths and ends of my hair  and I am ready!

IF: What makes you the most happy?
APG: My children... On a Saturday morning when we are doing the planning for the weekend, with my husband in front of the log fire, doing a planning when my children are on holidays.

IF: If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?
APG: The most famous and truly the most important: never go to sleep without a clean face and use only good cosmetic products. It's not necessary to use a lot of them, just the best quality for your skin and your hair.

IF: What is being a woman in 2017?
APG: It’s a very big question... It’s just great!

Iles Formula Women : Audrey Petit-Grard by Iles Formula


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