Illustrated Portraits by Patrick Willem

Illustrated Portraits by Patrick Willem by Iles Formula
I'm so excited to share with you an illustrated portrait of me by Belgium fashion illustrator, graphic designer Patrick Willem. His illustrations and imagery takes you on a journey from the fashion world to a land of fantasy and vision. Each portrait has its own soul. I just loved the way he took my original photograph by Felix Lammers and surrounded me with a garland of fresh flowers,  blessed by a crucifix. There's something almost Baroque or Gothic about the illustration that feeds my soul.

It was makeup artist Yasmin Heinz who got me notice this brilliant artist's work, from the portraits he had done in her most recent book "Painted Truth".

I have included here other works of his including top model Kate Moss. To see more wonderful portraits and even more interpretations, visit Patrick's Facebook page.

Although he works with quite avant-garde clients and high fashion photography, I can also imagine his work could well be adapted to ad campaigns, children's portraits, bridal portraits, personal portraits etc. Don't feel intimidated if you would like your own portrait done, inquire by contacting Patrick directly on

Something special to keep forever !

Interview with Patrick Willem

-How do you see yourself in our business in the future?

I hope my passion and motivation will be further stimulated in any direction, developing new projects, illustrating for leading brands, magazines, and collaborations with designers, photographers, and the  fashion industry.

-What and who would you like to illustrate next?

As a creative artist, I'd love to work with exciting talented people : Pop artist, fashion model, designer, photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, fashion magazine, CD cover etc. People with attitude, sexiness, strength and above all confidence.

-What means beauty to you?

True beauty for me is looking beyond what you've been told is beautiful and recognizing what makes that person unique !

-Famous people you illustrated and why?

John Galliano, Rick Owens, Brigitte Bardot, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, kelly Osbourne, Coco Rocha and Lady Gaga

-How do you achieve your visions ?

My designs are very intuitive, I'm passionate about avant-garde, creative minds, color, light, shape ... All that influences me.

                                                                                                        lg. Patrick Willem

Illustrated Portraits by Patrick Willem by Iles Formula

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