Interview at LA Launch

Interview at LA Launch

1. Six years ago, when you started creating Iles Formula, what changed, what turn of events led you to craft Iles Formula ?

It all started when some of my clients decided that their campaigns were never again to use hair extensions. All heads photographed had to be real hair of the subject in my chair. Problem is, most of my subjects were celebrities who have stressed hair due to the constant pressure their hair is under from every day work. I needed to find a product that worked instantly, on the day. I knew exactly what I needed in performance, this was and has been very clear to me on the entire journey of Iles Formula. I summoned all my courage and determination to create it. The first year I lost money and time trying to use green ingredients, but this failed and it was obvious to me from the first to the last moment that the immediate performance on hair I was looking for was not going to happen in a totally green raw way. I also knew I didn’t want to give up those beautiful, raw virgin ingredients, sourced from around the world: Australia, Brazil, Japan, Morocco but I needed to make them perform much better. Here I spent another year looking at laboratories and their techniques, I started in Paris and ended up in America. Our formulas are very complex and expensive to produce. One ingredient has delayed our production one whole month, therefore our launch date was converted to a Pre Launch sale! Not many companies would support that, they would change the ingredient. I won't do that, every drop is calculated and has an effect on the end result. It's not ideal from a marketing point, but the performance my formula's give is unbeatable and I will change nothing to jeopardize that.

2. You say that Iles Formula works on all hair types, even dry damaged hair, straight, curly, thinning, wavy hair. Tell me more about this ?

Yes, Iles Formula works on all hair types. I’ve proven that, because I’ve been using it onset in countries all around the world, like Saudi Arabia, Asia, Japan, Europe, America. The women I’ve used it on have gone crazy for it, and the results has been spectacular every single time. Most products out there do that marketing trick for thin, curly, wavy etc. etc. Even with my thirty years experience, when I walk into a store and see all the choices, I'm just overwhelmed and confused. I knew I wanted my range honest and easy. My products work on everybody, age, race, and every type of hair. Iles Formula is fantastic on children’s hair, baby’s hair; when those children wake up with little knots, the knots slide away with Iles Formula. On hair that’s wavy and curly straight fine, it's perfect. I’ve seen with my own eyes those women with fine textured hair who normally wash it everyday to get volume. My product will give hair the body and bounce that it needs. Iles Formula really is for everyones hair.

3. The summer is almost here. Does this work well on the beach? What about after tanning?

You can apply the finishing serum everyday, every morning when you wake up. It’s like a “vitamin cocktail” for the hair. It wakes the hair up, it just makes the hair beautiful, it doesn’t weigh it down, doesn’t go greasy and doesn’t go lank. It doesn’t build up, it's magic how it works. Iles Formula is fantastic for the beach, because the finishing serum has UV protectors in it and color protectors that will save the color. It has a heat protector in it also to protect against heated appliances. My formula's are full of nothing but goodness.

4. Is it easy to use Iles Formula? Can you do it at home or do you need a stylist?

You do it yourself; it’s a home, hair care treatment (Shampoo, conditioner, finishing serum). You don’t need a stylist for this; it works itself, you put it on, it does the job instantly upon contact with the hair. The most important thing with the conditioner, since it’s so high performance, is to comb it through from roots to end. I supply a comb for this in the Gift Box and also in the Discovery Pack. It's to ensure perfect distribution of the conditioner so all the hair is treated to perfection.

5. Do you know the editors who had their hair done and sampled the products at the salon from previous engagements? What was significant about this test group?

When we first thought about doing a Press Day, I really knew the best way I could do this was to put Iles Formula onto the heads of those women who are going to write about it. It is living proof of the instant, high performance of Iles Formula. It was exactly as I thought: those women loved the results. We took pictures for them. They were saying, “Oh my god, my hair is so beautiful.” They were just admiring each other’s hair and saying, “My hair’s never been like this ever.” The editors were super impressed with the results. I knew I had to get it onto the heads of hair. This is the reason I went to a lot of effort to create the Discovery Pack. We really made an effort to create the lower price of $24, which includes four treatments in sachets, which if you wash hair once a week, is a month's supply. I dosed these sachets for long hair so a short haired consumer would have more supply. I have a lot of school girl followers on social media; I was thinking of them too. Everyone has a chance at this price to fall in love with Iles Formula.

6. When will you be able to buy Iles Formula online? In stores?

We are starting with online sales at

Ron Robinson stores in Los Angeles will be the first American store to have it on the shelves. It will be launching in June to LA. We’ve had a lot of requests from Saudi Arabia, London, Germany, Australia, but for the moment we have to concentrate on America. We are a small, family-based company, so we are taking things one step at a time. We are an American based company and we are focusing all our energy in America, after which we will expand to Europe and then we’ll move from there one country at a time. Nonetheless, you can still buy the products online, but they will be shipping from America.

7. Since there is so much competition in this market and people tend to be loyal to their current brands, what will you provide to consumers to ensure your brand’s success?

We are a family business and we want our customers to feel and know that we are there for their every need. We have a section on our website where women can write to me directly, whether it’s about Iles Formula or about something else concerning hair, and I will be there for them. I want these women to understand that Iles Formula is a very personal project that is dear to my heart. I have bottled up my hair soul, and my name is written on the bottle, so they can certainly count on me for support if they need.

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