Keeping a Good Blowout

Keeping a Good Blowout by Iles Formula

How to blowout your own hair

For today's woman who is always on the go, keeping a good blowout is key to preserving your healthy looking hair many days after your salon appointment. Here are some tips to make the most out of your blowout without extra trips to your stylist.

Avoid touching your hair too much especially after its first done.  Hair always takes a few hours to settle in, so best let the freshly dried movement set itself well before disturbing it.  If doing the dry yourself remove clips and rollers if placed only after the hair is cold.

Take shorter showers while using a lower temperature. Hot water can damage the hair and create unnecessary frizz.

Blowout hair treatment

If there is frizz, use our IlesFormula Finishing serum. This blowout hair treatment will never weigh your hair down, so it can be used daily. If applied before blowdrying, it actually makes the hair feel thicker and more luscious, adding control to any movement within the dry.

A stylish Louvelle shower cap will not only make your showers much more chic, it will also work well to protect your blowout.

Dry shampoo for a blowout hair treatment can be your secret weapon to keep your blowout going strong for a long time after your appointment. Spray it on to combat those oily roots and make sure to brush your hair gently with Mason Pearson or a Tangle Teezer brush.
Keeping a Good Blowout by Iles Formula
When going to bed, be sure to clip up your hair. Twist it up and fasten it loosely at the top of your hair. This will protect the hair from pillow damage and will also work well to make sure there is minimal frizz in your blowout. This blowout hair treatment is an excellent technique if your hair tends to drop easily. The twist will secure that a wave stays for days. If however your hair does hold curl well, simply spread the hair up and over pillow slip. The drag up will retain volume in your style.

Switch to a Slip Silk pillowcase, and if you're traveling try tying a scarf around your pillow. It's a simple and easy trick to keep that blowout going strong while you're away from the comfort of your home.
Keeping a Good Blowout by Iles Formula
All photo images are of hair done by me. On set in my everyday work world the key to a great hair day is the blow dry and its preparation. Spend time on your blow out if you do it yourself or choose a stylist that dries with passion and know how. This is the second step after conditioning and one of the most important for root lift, combatting humidity, adding volume, taking away volume, adding wave, creating straight hair... It all happens with the blow dry.

Try my ideas especially the Iles Formula finishing serum and little top knot wave saver. They really work as a blowout hair treatment!

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