Modern Hair Accessories.

Modern Hair Accessories - Chic accessories

Are you looking for a modern hair accessory with a difference? Something not retro or too fancy? Here are some of the best modern hair accessories. Some of these ideas are so simple it's crazy that we didn't think of them before, like the hooked elastic below. These are usually sold in packs of 6 or 10, for very little money.

All hairstyles are chosen here with one thing in common. All accessories are used on soft nurtured spun silk hair. There is no hairspray in sight. To obtain the silky texture before venturing further,  Iles Formula Finishing Serum is your go-to product, transferring immediately all hair types that look and feel like straw, to sumptuous silk. Best when heat activated with a dryer, but can be used on wet or dry hair.

Section your hair into two sections. Attach the lowest one near the neck into a ponytail with an elastic band. Just hook the top section across with the two hooked bands, being sure the hooks get anchored into the attached sides of the tail underneath. So easy!


Claw clips are all the rave right now and can be found for a dime a dozen. Easiest hair-clip in the world to use. Excellent for quick up do's with low-budget purchases in plastic and other more sophisticated versions in polished metal like these from Anbala for a more important statement.



These ideas need a little more work as you need to find these accessories, but the photos explain them all. We find them incredibly chic.

Modern Hair Accessories. by Iles Formula


Simple bobby pins make a great effect for any occasion. Try black bobby pins on blonde hair or vice versa or simply go for tone on tone.

Modern Hair Accessories. by Iles Formula


Don't you love this metal headband used around the head instead of on top? Think outside the box, make it your own idea.

Modern Hair Accessories. by Iles Formula

There is nothing more chic than a metal band on a straightened ponytail. One can lengthen their own tail with extensions. Having a metal round clasp is perfect for covering the extension tracks placed around your own tail.

      Modern Hair Accessories. by Iles Formula


If you prefer something more conventional opt for a classic french headband. L'Otarie Club designer  Anne Gaelle Fayeulle offers personalized bands too if you have a special fabric and occasion in mind.


If you would rather a ribbon Iles Formula has french silk twillies designed by designer Naomie Lacroix. For a bad hair day, these two ideas are the quickest fix and less imposing than a hat.

We love the texture, these frayed ribbons give, and how it fattens out the ponytail. Winter fabrics are used here, but this idea could be just as effective with summer organzas and silk. We think the frayed edges are important for the look, so if you make these cuts spend some time fraying those side threads.

Modern Hair Accessories. by Iles Formula


If you have any other modern hair accessories ideas, tell us about them. We would love to know!

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