Mon Amie la Rose

I've returned from a super week working with another of my favorite directors Pavel Salek. We were in our element thanks to the creatives at Leo Burnett, Hong Kong. They gave a beautiful story board of acres of roses all of  which had to be flown in from the mountains in the North of Thailand. Words can not describe the beauty and the perfume that oozed from all those roses.

I'm  a passionate gardener, so for me that set just offered me work days of sheer bliss. Even my hotel room was filled with roses ! We also recreated this set inside a studio for a stills photo shoot, where I got the chance to work again with Justin Cooper.

I will post the commercial and photos once its all published, or maybe you recognise it immediately because of the roses.

Mon Amie la Rose by Iles Formula

Jordan who produced our shoot was my savior from the 30 degree heat . These long glorious iron tubes pumped gallons of ice cold air on to our set, helping me to keep the hair cold and dry from the humidity.

Mon Amie la Rose by Iles Formula


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