Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman

Hair Accessories are huge beauty trend right now. Leather, metal, pins, clips and everything in between. Its no wonder woman from all over the world are flocking to this trend that gives your hair a little bit of bling.

In this journal, we're sharing some of our favorite Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman, how to get your hands on them, and how to use them. Have a peek, if you're ready to make this trend your own.

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

Hair By: Odile Gilbert for Suno Runway Show


1. /  The Barrette | Hair Accessories

We love this style created by Odile Gilbert for the Suno Runway Show. To create this style, any barrette will work. Anything from plain metal barrettes, to more decorated barrettes like the one used above. Simply direct straightened tresses into a low pony.

Secure the ponytail with a clear elastic and then fold the hair upward. Grab your barrette and secure the folded hair, leaving about an inch and a half of the ends out. One of our favorite Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman, and a great way to decorate any ponytail.

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

2. /  The Metal Hair Rings

This hair trend is everything right now.  We found some DIY hair rings that will make creating this style super easy to do.  We did our homework for you and found that you can purchase hair rings from any Michael's Arts and Crafts store online.  They are a very affordable way to recreate this look.  We love attaching these rings to a braid or twist in the hair.

Create a braid on one side of your hair and secure with an elastic.  Allow the other side of your hair to drape with a beachy effect.  Place the rings randomly throughout the braid.  We love the idea of mixing and matching different tones of the rings, and since they are so affordable, you can order a few boxes of different metal options in case you decide to mix and match.

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

3. /  Grandma's Vintage Broach

We all have one of our Grandma's old Broaches lying around somewhere.  Its time to put these jewels to work.  In the style above, it seems the perfect scenario.

Create a disheveled chignon and secure loosely with hair pins.  Then, grab the broach and place it right in front of the chignon, or slightly off center.  This kind of hair accessories is perfect for a dressed up night on the town, or even paired with a loose tank and boyfriend jeans.  Its sweet yet simple and definitely a must.

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

4. /  The Ponytail Cuff

These newly released Hair Accessories For Woman are the collaboration of Chloe & Isabel and Celebrity Hairstylist Jen Atkin.  We love the 4 different modern metallic tones to select from.  The ponytail cuff can be used in many different ways.  Shown above, all 4 colors are used to decorate a half up style.

Draw half of your hair back and secure with an elastic.  Then dress the half up ponytail with 1 or all of the cuffs.  Check out these and some of the other hair accessories from this collaboration by visiting the Chloe & Isabel website.

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

5. / The Ribbon

This style is easy to do, yet makes a big statement.  We love the less is more simplicity of this accessory.  Any color ribbon will do, although black is always a nice touch.

Secure a very loose and low ponytail with a clear elastic.  Take your bit of ribbon, and either tie it into a knot or a bow around the elastic.  This is a great way to accessorize an average ponytail and give it an instant stamp of approval.

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

Hair By:  Orlando Pita for Carolina Herrera Show

 6. / The Wire Cuff

This hairstyle created by Orlando Pita for the Carolina Herrera show, is a must have hair accessory option. Secure a ponytail with an elastic, and then use flat metal wire to wrap the ponytail creating a DIY wire cuff. Wrap the wire several times until it is as long as you prefer.

We researched and located where to get the wire to make trying this style even easier for you.  It is available at Michael's, so you can purchase the wire and the rings from above at the same time.  This same technique can be done on a low ponytail, a high ponytail or even one directly in the middle.  Try it out and be envied by all of your girlfriends.

Must Have Hair Accessories For Woman by Iles Formula

7. /  The Bobby Pins

If you love the idea of accessorizing your hair, but do not feel ready to invest in hair jewelry, there are other options available to you.

A big trend is decorating hair with the use of bobby pins.  You can use a color that matches your hair, or even go with pins that do not match for a more extreme finish.  To achieve the style above, use a gel and comb it into dry hair about halfway down, directing it back and away from the face.  You can work with a part, or not, the choice is yours.  Once the hair is directed back, use your pins and place them into the hair to secure it on the sides as demonstrated above.

After you have applied the pins, you can use Iles Formula Finishing Serum on your dry hair to create and build a soft texture into the shape.  Use your fingers and hands to scrunch the product into your hair then allow it to dry naturally.

These 7 Hair Accessories For Woman are just a handful of ways you can pump up your hairstyle game. Fun, easy to do, and cost friendly, make trying these a must.

Which one is your favorite?  Which one are you dying to try?  Let us know in the comments below.  If you decide to give any of them a try, share it with us on instagram using the hashtag #IlesFormula.

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