My favorite things of this Week

My Favorite Things of This Week by Iles Formula
A busy week as I was struggling with some work visa applications. So much energy is taken up on those  necessary stamps in our passports !

Possibly the highlight of my week was working with Porter magazine, which has just published its first issue. I just love it and am very happy to contribute !

I also did some great jobs with two beautiful stars Rita Ora and Zoe Saldana, where I discovered all the white lace we will be seeing next spring/summer. I mostly love Isabel Marant and Alexander McQueen's versions.

How about this olive oil with truffle ? The bottle would make a brilliant vessel for bubble bath once used. It looks like an oversized Chanel 5.

Then there is my Daphne plant that I've tried several years to grow in Europe; it reminds me most of all of Australia. Last year, I had few flowers and this year i have blooms in abundance. The perfume is intoxicating, a few sprigs in a vase will scent a room with the most exquisite perfume, it is a mix of  jasmin , orange blossom and frangipani, only better because it's Daphne.
My Favorite Things of This Week by Iles Formula

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