New Blood Contest

Thank you to all of you who entered with such enthusiasm to the New Blood contest. So many wonderful images, it was difficult to choose who to feature first. Here are two entries from Sydney and London.

Dario Chicco (picture on the right) …Australians look at this closely, what do you see ? Very cleverly  drawn by Sydney hairdresser Dario Chicco, known for his technique of naturally dried haircuts. Here is a lovely video on Dario working. Click here.

New Blood By Iles Formula

New Blood by Iles Formula

New Blood by ILes Formula

Lily Bertrand-Webb (pictures above and on the right)

I like a lot the hair texture Lily managed to capture in these images of entwined heads.

Lily is 24 years old and works in the Margaret St  Photography Gallery, London. Since the age of 2, Lilly wears a cochlear implant due to profound hearing loss. From the age of 11 she used photography as a means to express her emotions and to communicate.

She always has a camera on hand to capture images of everyday life. Her tumblr is a good example of her talent. Click here.

New Blood by ILes Formula

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