New venture to new Journal. Come join me.

New venture to new Journal. Come join me. by Iles Formula

New venture to new journal. Come join me..


Dear Followers,

As you have probably noticed, this past few months I've launched Iles Formula, a project very dear to me. These 3 on set hair formulas have travelled the world with me during the past three years; performing their magic on many celebrity locks and the exciting news is that they are now available to everyone on

Since I am opening one door, I am closing another (just slightly). I have decided to redirect this blog to Iles Formula. My team and I have changed the format a touch from blog to journal. I will still be speaking of course about hair. My previous blogs will be transferred to the new Iles Formula journal, so you still can have access to your favorite articles when needed.

I will continue to cover moments "behind the scenes" with popular celebrities, share with you my "tips and tricks" on hair care, include "the best of "each season, and cover "questions and answers.”  But I also want to include other subjects of interest to you. So I need your help and suggestions for my team so that we can address the subjects you want to read about in our Journal whether they are related to Hair or not.

Please don't be shy, I value your opinions and want to create informative and inspirational articles for you. This is my personal request to all of our valued followers… We'd love to know what topics you are interested in. I read every single comment and I would be thrilled to hear from you.

Thank you for your faithful support of this exciting new venture. Engaging with you has been an inspiration to me that keeps me excited every day.


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