Vogue's article about Iles Formula: "Les soins Capillaires SOS"

Vogue's article about Iles Formula: "Les soins Capillaires SOS" by Iles Formula
Thank you  Vogue.fr  for your spectacular report on  Iles Formula!

I've done my best to translate this wonderfully written article with a very fresh approach to speaking french but also with a lot of humor and witty puns that it has been near to impossible to translate while also giving the text justice. Enjoy this article as much as we do. Scroll down for English speaking followers.

Les soins capillaires SOS avant un big event

"Elle coiffe Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux et Keira Knightley avant un shooting ou un tapis rouge, tandis qu’Heidi Klum ne jure que par elle… Autant dire que Wendy Iles excelle en matière de cheveux. Alors, quand elle lance une ligne de soins toute douce, au pouvoir réparateur surpuissant, on la suit forcément...".to read more
Vogue's article about Iles Formula: "Les soins Capillaires SOS" by Iles Formula
She hair-dresses Marion Cotillard, Léa Seydoux and Keira Knightley before a shooting or a red carpet, while Heidi Klum only swears by her… This leads us to say that Wendy Iles excels when it comes to hair. Therefore, when she launches a hair care range that makes your hair all soft with repairing powers, we can only follow.

It’s after repeated experience with the handling of withered and breathless follicles, that the famous hairstylist, accustomed to photo shootings and backstage shows, has imagined these revolutionary products. Every drop transforms your hair, even at its most damage state, into a super-spun silk texture and fully re-boosted. It has taken 10 years of research and a list of ingredients selected worldwide and drawn from its source, to elaborate the formulas of Iles Formula.

On the menu: a shampoo, super soft; a conditioner with an instant action (already cult) and a serum protector. Everything, packed with antioxidants, vitamins E, B5, nurturing oils and silk proteins from Japan, ‘loved’ in a chic packaging for a  100% luxury rescue kit. The good news it that’s this shock trio is so healthy for your hair (paraben/sulfate/silicon-free), that it's even recommended to abuse it.

Hair more than perfect, in the pocket!

We love you back French Vogue!

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