Wendy Iles' Hair Tips: How to Cope With Frizzy Hair

Wendy Iles' Hair Tips: How to Cope With Frizzy Hair by Iles Formula
I have a follower who has a big problem with her frizzy hair. When she asked me for advice, I thought this might also be a problem for many of you with frizzy hair,  so I have decided to voice my suggestions on this blog.  Frizz is the worst problem to deal with.

I took Beyonce as a reference, it's interesting to see how different she looks with the amount of curl she is wearing.

Firstly  you need to decide if you want it straight or curly. If straight, I'd possibly do a Brazilian or Keratin treatment which will at least have your hair looking like spun silk and will give you a good base to work with. Theses treatments can be done at home, but I do recommend you do this with professional help. Things can go wrong like breakage, so better to save your pennies and have it done correctly. Good professional brands I know of are Keratin Complex smoothing Therapy by Coppola Take a look at their website, it tells you a lot.

What is Keratin? It's a protein that is naturally in your hair.

How it works: A stylist applies keratin to your hair - a straightening product then seals this in with heat from a straightening iron. Takes around 2 hours depending on hair length. After such treatment you will be absolutely frizz free, no matter are the weather conditions.

Now if you like your frizz to be more curly, I can suggest the following which is something I used to do with my own hair when I was wearing it curly and drying it naturally.

Shampoo and condition as usual. Always rinse well roots but leave a little conditioner in mid-lengths and ends.

I'd then take the kerastase  intense hair mask ( apricot lid ) There are 2 types, one for thick hair and one for fine hair, so choose accordingly.  I have a lot of hair so always purchased the thick hair model. I don't really like the performance of kerastase as a mask but the way I used it was perfect ... I'd use it like a leave-on conditioner. while hair is wet, distribute an amount - about the size of a walnut - between the palms of your hands and place throughout the mid-length and ends of the hair. Be sure not to put too much near the roots as they may get greasy. Comb this through evenly with a wide tooth comb kneading hair softly into a nice curl. Don't touch again until hair dries, even then don't use a brush, use always your fingers. I had certain areas that were neither curly nor straight - just frizz,  so I'd do the above recipe but actually wind these straighter pieces around my finger into a ringlet shape, and not touch again until hair dries.

You can clip it here and there if you want around the face until dry. Sometimes in summer, I'd sleep with it wet and it would dry during the night. You can see an image of my hair dried this way on the bio page of my website. It takes a little work which is more a routine, but I did this for years and it really gave me beautiful long healthy curly hair that was lustrous and frizz free.

I hope these tips help. I would like this opportunity to thank Ludovica for her question. Anyone else with problems, you can ask me here. Please share with me any results you may have through this article. I'll be interested to know and happy to answer all your questions.

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