Wendy Iles' Hair Tips - How To Get Volume

Wendy Iles’ Hair Tips – How To Get Volume by Iles Formula
Thanks to all of you for your hair tips requests which were mainly about "How to get beach waves", "How to tame curl and prevent frizz" and "How to maintain volume".  The biggest number of requests was about hair VOLUME tips, so I am going to start with this one.

I've selected the best products I know for budget and quality. For volume shampoo and conditioner, I recommend Pureology Pure  volume shampoo and conditioner, also for those of you who prefer 2 in 1, you can try Aussie aussome volume  2 in 1 shampoo. As a root lifter, you have Suave Volumizing Root Boost spray, Pantene Pro V root lifterRedken Thickening lotion 06. The sprays are the best; a volume mousse will leave a pocket of air right at the root where we need it the most.

Here are some tricks I use on set. When drying hair, start by drying upside down dragging the roots in an opposite direction to the way they lay, then throw hair back into place and finish the blow dry with a large round brush to add more volume. If you are using a curling tong be sure to wrap hair up, then clip each tonged section in a roller shape pinning it high on top of the root area.

Here is wendy's million dollar tip ! When hair has cooled, you release the clips and the hair will look too curly and set. Turn head upside down, drag hair to top of head as if collecting it for a ponytail. Do not attach with band, just twist the tail in clockwise direction to the ends and then turn it around on itself like a small bun on top of head. Leave this to soften down the curls while you do your make-up. On releasing the hair - rather than brushing it - give it some wind using the blow-dryer, then with a large tooth comb settle hair into place. The best is to sleep with this top knot, and on the next morning upon releasing, you will see how brilliant,  full bodied and beautiful your hair will be. Let me know how it works for you.

More hair tips are coming up soon, so stay tuned!
Wendy Iles’ Hair Tips – How To Get Volume by Iles Formula

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