10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying

Are you searching for a change when it comes to your hair?  Well you are not alone!  You may have noticed that there is a bit of a shift happening in regards to hair trends right now.  Long and gorgeous will always be a fave, however,  hair lengths are starting to shift and get shorter and shorter.  We went from long beachy waves, to the long textured bob, so what is next?  Keeping that hair shoulder length and above is where its at, if staying on trend is your desire. Some of your favorite celebrities have worn some super chic shorter hair cuts and we want to share some of these desirable do's with you.  Are you ready to take the plunge?  These are 10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying, so pin them to your Pinterest page and take them with you to your next hair appointment.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Princess Charlene Of Monaco

The first of the 10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying, is the beautiful Princess Charlene Of Monaco.  It is always refreshing to see her different variations of shorter hairstyles.  This Pixie style haircut is a win, and allows all of the emphasis to be placed on her stunning features.  In this version of the pixie, the front is left slightly longer to allow for a swooped fringe, which keeps the shape a little on the softer and more delicate side.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Karlie Kloss

Our second favorite, is this shattered bob worn by Karlie Kloss.  This chin grazing style can be worn by most face shapes and is a great stepping stone to transitioning into even shorter styles.  It can be worn with or without the fringe, smooth or with texture.  It is also long enough for a super mini pony, for those of you who are not ready to let go of your ponytail just yet.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Lupita Nyong'o

Always super stunning, and very inspiring when it comes to shorter hairstyles, our next favorite is the lovely Lupita Nyong'o.  Lupita is always changing her hair into different variations of shorter styles and we could have seriously filled all 10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying with different styles we have seen her wearing over the years.  We love this shape, because if you are ready to try something bold, then this is it, and it really emphasizes the skills of barbering.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Jesssica Chastain

Another shorter haircut we love is this longer angled bob on Jessica Chastain.  This length sits on the border of medium to short, but we wanted to share it because sometimes you aren't quite ready to take the full leap to shorter hair.   This is a good transition cut for those that need to take baby steps.  Once you are feeling comfortable at this length, you can continue to go shorter and it won't be quite as shocking.  How adorable is this haircut?

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Michelle Williams

Next, is this stunning haircut on Michelle Williams.  Everything about this is fun and refreshing.  We love the platinum color mixed with this textured shape.  The longer, whispy bits in the fringe and crown add great detail to this look, giving it a perfect marriage of soft, yet edgy.  Classic, yet current.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

 Rita Ora

Another one of our 10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying, is this super fun cut worn by Rita Ora.  Rita is another celebrity that has worn many styles of short hair and seems to look amazing in all of them.  The most exciting part about short hair, is once you decide to take the leap, you can play around with different variations.  This shape is especially fun, because it appears the sides are a bit longer as well as the top.  However, you can see that by directing the sides back and letting the top flow freely, it is almost as if you get two haircuts in one.  This is a great choice if you like to switch things up often.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Jaime King

How adorable is this playful bob on Jaime King?  Just slightly past the chin, this is yet another haircut that is a great way to transition into even shorter styles.  There are many styling options at this length.  For example, as pictured here, just by adding curls with a larger curling tong (iron) or hot rollers, you get a bit of a bouncy result.  This can also be worn smooth or with texture.  There are many ways to play at this length, so give it a try.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula


Coco Rocha

Oh how we LOVE everything about this short haircut on Coco Rocha.  It is definitely one of the 10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying.  It is also hair color worth trying.  It's fun, stylish and feels super fresh.  The short side adds the right amount of edginess, while the color and the longer top makes this yin and yang haircut a must.  This combination has us swooning for sure.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Credit: Nancy Kaszerman/eZuma



How can we not include Rihanna.  She always seems to be on trend with her shorter hairstyles.  It's not always about what you take away, sometimes it is about what you leave behind.  With that being said, we love this cut because of the randomly selected long bits that were left behind to add some personality to this shattered shape.

10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying by Iles Formula

Sienna Miller

Finally, we always smile when we see this haircut on Sienna Miller.  It has such a 60's vibe and is a perfect cut if you are transitioning to shorter hair.  This cut could be the next step after the chin length bob.  Or, if your ready for it, just jump right into it.  The styling is pretty simple, and you can add a bit of Iles Formula Finishing Serum after drying to add separation.

In conclusion, you have many options when it comes to shorter haircuts.  Remember, shorter haircuts require more frequent visits to the salon, because they need reshaping every 4 to 6 weeks.  This will keep your haircut fresh.

Which of the 10 Short Haircuts Worth Trying are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to pin them to your Pinterest page to refer to later.

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