12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair

Do you ever look through magazines and wonder how the celebs get such perfect hair, and what they are actually using to style their hair?  In this weeks journal we are sharing 12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair.  Read on to see our suggestions for caring for your hair, and what you should have in your arsenal to ensure the best results.


Proper brushes are super important when it comes to your hair.  Not all brushes are created equal and they all do different things.  For example, round brushes of different sizes can achieve varying body and/or curl in the hair.  Paddle brushes are for smoother and straighter styles.  So, depending on what you want to do to your hair in terms of styling will determine what brush you will use.  A round brush gives you a nice bouncy voluminous style.

12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair by Iles Formula

It's also a good idea to invest in a dressing brush, like a Mason Pearson and a teasing brush.  These brushes will be used when you are styling your hair for a more formal event.  The dressing brush is perfect for creating sleek ponytails, and also brushing out curls for glamorous waves.  The teasing brush is just what it says, it is used for back combing hair for height within your style.


It's a good idea to make sure you have a rat tail comb handy for the times when you need to get that perfect part in your hair.  You don't necessarily need anything super costly, just make sure it has the pointed tip so you are able to create those deep center and side parts you seen on your favorite celebs.

12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair by Iles Formula


Hair Turban Towel

We like to recommend a Hair Turban Towel instead of using a regular towel to wrap your hair after washing it.  Our Iles Formula Hair Turban is very practical for removing excess water quickly and gently from hair at home, the gym or after swimming. It also is the perfect towel to keep hair protected while removing makeup and cleansing skin. The Iles Formula Turban Towel is delivered in a resealable bio degradable bag that is ideal for the gym or traveling.  Often times, turban towels are more gentle on the hair which helps to eliminate frizz.  So give the Turban Towel a try, you'll thank us for it.

12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair by Iles Formula



It's a good idea to have handy both a smoothing iron and a curling iron.  Not just any irons will do though.  Be sure you are using irons that are equipped with the latest technologies for maintaining the integrity of your hair.  If your still using the first flat iron released 15 years ago, well you are probably experiencing dry and possibly damaged hair.  Newer technologies are made to eliminate that from happening.  This GHD iron is a great choice for daily use, and you can also curl your hair with it just by watching a couple of you tube tutorials.

Curling irons are similar to round brushes in that you can technically have them in all sizes if you want to create different sizes of curls.  However, having all sizes is not a necessity, but having one good quality curling iron is a must.  We love this iron from Harry Josh Pro Tools where the tong comes off if you choose and you can use it also as a wand.

Get A Quality Hairdryer

By now you surely have heard about the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.  This is one of our favorites.  Not a necessity to invest in the Dyson if its not in the budget, but again you should be using one that is made with the most recent technologies. Also, don't ditch the nozzle that comes with the dryer.  That little piece is super important.  It allows you to control their flow when round brushing your hair to eliminate frizz.  On top of that, if the nozzle is not on the dryer, chances are you place the opening right against your hair when you are round brushing.  This is not good, if you look at the opening, there are coils there that are metal and get very hot.  This will cause your hair to damage and break.  So make sure you use the nozzle.


12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair by Iles Formula



Dressing Your Hair

Any time you have to style your hair for a specific occasions or nights on the town, you will want to have on hand the right items needed to properly dress your hair.  For starters, make sure you have hair ties that match your hair color, or use snag free invisible bands. If you decide to do a last minute super high ponytail or super low sleek ponytail, you don't have to go searching every drawer in your house for one.

Mini clips are another item we highly recommend having.  These are great because you can use them to clip your curls in place after you have wrapped them, to allow them to fully cool.  This will definitely result in longer lasting curls. These clips are from YS park.

12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair by Iles Formula

Regular clips are also a must as you can use them for securing your hair whenever you blow dry or curl your hair.  Clean sections are the key to success in any type of styling, so having clips will create a cleaner work space within your hair.  The clips shown below are also YS Park.

Last but definitely not least are Bobby Pins.  There will always come a time when you will need bobby pins.  Whether its creating the perfect holiday updo, or just using one single pin to pull your hair away from the face, we can guarantee you that you can't live without them.  Keeping a small package handy will definitely be useful.


12 Must Have Hair Tools And Supplies For Perfect Hair by Iles Formula


These are some key items that will set you up for success no matter which hairstyle you are trying to accomplish.  Are you already fully stocked with all of the items above?  What is your must have hair item?  Share it with using the comments.  Don't forget, we love your tags on social media.  Tag using your next selfie at @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula

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