3 Autumn Haircare Tips for Lustrous, Healthy Hair

As the cool, crisp autumn air sets in and the winter months approach, it is necessary to give your hair some extra love and care. From the dry air of the outdoors to humid, hot showers, the hair cuticle can become damaged and cause breakage. This may lead to a dry scalp, frizzy texture, and even troublesome split ends. Enriching your tresses with hydration-packed formulas and adding a few steps to your regular haircare routine is vital to maintaining lustrous, healthy hair.

To keep your locks looking vibrant, satiny, and healthy during the upcoming autumn months, we gathered Iles Formula’s owner Wendy Ile’s premium tips and advice.

Tip 1: Autumn Hues to Add Depth and Luster to Your Hair

Autumn is the perfect time to speak to your colorist about adding autumn hues for a glossier, polished presence. Depending on your hair color, you can find the stunning fall look you are craving. While apricots hues are best suited for blondes, titian hues are ideal for redheads and brunettes.

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Adding some differing tones can add depth and dimension, while also increasing overall warmth and glow around the face. This keeps your hair looking glossy and healthy, even through the cooler autumn and winter days. The contrasting shades of the colors also can help by thickening the appearance of your hair. Since seasonal changes increase the amount of hair fall experienced, this can help with making your locks look thicker and fuller.

Tip 2: Spa Season to Treat Your Hair

One of the most integral pieces of advice for the fall and winter months to keep your hair healthy is to hydrate your hair as much as possible. From the dry air to hot showers, the hair cuticle tends to dry out easily during autumn. Moisturizing your locks with extra hydrating haircare products is essential.

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During fall, it’s time for haircare Spa Season. Treat your hair to the Iles Formula Hair Haute Performance Mask which works by nourishing it with vitamin-infused nutrients. Relax for a 10-minute moment with our Mask which will deliver the most sumptuous, lustrous locks. Using a potent strengthening mask at least once or twice a month can dramatically increase the health of your scalp, leaving your scalp and hair deeply moisturized and protected against the autumnal elements.

Tip 3: Use a Daily Hair Protection Serum

            A vital daily step to include in your fall hair care routine is introducing a serum in the morning. With the dry autumn air comes the increased risk of split ends and potential frizziness. Using hair oil regularly can enrich the scalp and as well as stimulate hair growth. It is a necessity to provide your hair with the utmost protection against the cool air, brisk winds, and dry air of heating your indoor environments.

Iles Formula Finishing Serum

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Start your day with the daily habit of using a hair protection serum. A potent serum will help protect your locks from heated tools, UV rays, extreme cold, and humidity. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum will never weigh your hair down and provides the ultimate defence against dryness. Helping transform brittle locks into a supple silk cascade with the most sumptuous shine, the Iles Formula Finishing Serum is enhanced with the richest of vitamins and nut oils.

As the days cool down and the nights get longer, it's the transition from summer to autumn that calls for some more indulgent treatment of your locks with some rejuvenating steps. Every season poses a new opportunity to spend a little extra love and care on your hair, but this autumn, consider adding some autumnal hues for extra depth and a healthy gloss to your hair, while also including hydrating and moisturizing treatments to help protect and nourish your hair from the inside out!


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