5 Gym Hairstyles For Active Women

We’ve all dealt with messy gym hair. Nothing is worse than feeling your hair sticking to your sweat as you’re getting a good workout in. Whether you’re a cardio lover or a weight lifter, you want to make sure your hair is out of your face so you can perform at your highest.

That’s where these hairstyles ideas come in. No matter if your hair is long or short, you want it to stay in place, stay off your neck, and look great while you’re feeling the burn. Finding a hairstyle that offers the right amount of hold, support, and comfort can feel a bit like rocket science. Check out these ideas below before you head to your next gym session.

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5 Gym Hairstyles For Active Women by Iles Formula

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1. French Braid Ponytail

We all know that ponytails alone don’t always cut it. At the gym, your bangs or any short hairstyles will slowly but surely make their way out of your ponytail and into your eyes. That’s never a cute look!

A good twist on the traditional ponytail is to french braid your hair back away from your head if you have short layers or bangs or french braid the ponytail itself to keep it from flying all over the place. To start, dampen your hair and smother in Iles Formula Finishing Serum. This will make it easier to braid and will keep hair in place throughout your work out.

This preparation works on all kinds of braids from simple school girl braids to sophisticated braids. By using this serum hair is not greasy ever. The serum dries with a little hold but once totally dried can be brushed through and your hair feels as clean as it did before you started. Quite a remarkable product, it has the power to transform hair that feels like straw to sumptuous silk when dry. Brush it through and it feels clean and silky as if no product was added.

2. Boxer Braid

Another option if you’re only worried about your hair getting in your face is a Boxer Braid. This is a simple way to keep the front of your hair from falling in your eyes, but you don’t have to pull up the rest of your hair. This is perfect for short haired ladies or anyone trying to rock loose locks at the gym.

To get this braid, use the technique above and just take the front section of your hair and begin twisting it into a simple braid. You can tuck the braid behind your ear, pinning it in place, or even pin it around your head in a halo.


5 Gym Hairstyles For Active Women by Iles Formula

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3.  Braided Pigtails

This is a cool way to create soft waves in your hair for after the workout. The more braids the more waves.

This image shows 3  loose braids with hardly any braid at the roots.... the result will resemble a soft beach wave. The front sections can always be attached with bobby pins, something that is quite acceptable during a workout.

Be sure to create your braids on damp hair smeared with Iles Formula Finishing Serum which will add a soft texture for grip but at the same time leave hair feeling like freshly spun silk after the workout. It will smell good too, the perfume of this serum is the white tea flower.


5 Gym Hairstyles For Active Women by Iles Formula

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4. Headbands

Don’t be afraid to pull your hair into a messy bun or ponytail and rock a headband. Investing in an active headband is a great way to look cute and spend less time worrying about your hair. Who said you have to look perfectly polished and put together at the gym? A cute headband has your back without the stress.

Look for a flexible stretch band they won't move about.

5 Gym Hairstyles For Active Women by Iles Formula

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5. Ballerina Bun

Those ballerinas are onto something with their high buns. A high bun on the top of your head not only looks elegant, but it’ll keep everything tight and out of the way. Whether you’re dancing or running on the treadmill, this is for you.


5 Gym Hairstyles For Active Women by Iles Formula

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To master this look, flip your hair upside down and gather it at the top of your skull. Attach it with a band as if creating a ponytail. From there, twist your hair until it’s tightly wound around like a long sausage then wind it around the band. Pin and tie in place to secure you bun.

You’re Ready for the Gym

Whether you’re dancing or running on the treadmill, this is for you.

Now that you’ve got these gym hairstyles under your belt, you’re ready to rock your next gym or fitness session in style. Mastering the art of gym hairstyles will help you get in a better workout without the hassle.

If you’re an active woman, don’t be afraid to try a new gym hairstyle before your gym session. These gym hairstyles above both look and feel great for any hair type.

Guest writer: Ashley Lipman

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