5 Important Things to Consider Before Consulting A Hair and Beauty Salon

Of course every one visits a salon from time to time, even those who follow modest fashion have to make regular visits to keep their styles up to date and on-trend. Landing on the right look, AND choosing the right hair/beauty salon for yourself, however, can be a tiresome and sometimes disastrous process, let alone finding the right hairdresser or beautician who has the vision and skills to truly take your look to the next level, and most importantly, take care of your needs.

Here are a few key elements you should consider before selecting a beauty and hair salon: 

These five factors will help you choose the right salon that best suits your requirements before you entrust your head of hair with your newly chosen hairdresser and salon.


5 Important Things to Consider Before Consulting A Hair and Beauty Salon by Iles Formula

1. Location, location, location!!!

Where your salon is matters as you have to take into account the future regular appointments for your style upkeep. If you have to travel miles away each time before an event, your style may fall flat as you commute for your appointment!

So some may search for a high-quality salon that is closer to their homes. Do note that the location of the salon will also likely influence the pricing of the treatments. See point 2.

For example, treatments and haircuts from good salons in a prime region will cost more than those outside the city zone. As with everything though, it is about your needs: some people will travel to Paris or New York specifically for their style upkeep, and for unrivaled treatments for their hair needs.


2. Prices: Money money money

Another factor you should consider while choosing a salon is the value they deliver to you. Before committing to having a treatment done, consider whether the treatment cost will fit into your budget comfortably. It might be wiser for you to go with a marginally more costly salon that delivers incredible results that last longer as well as quality service, rather than selecting the somewhat more affordable, average salon and not being totally happy with the outcome.


5 Important Things to Consider Before Consulting A Hair and Beauty Salon by Iles Formula

Our expert quick tips: look at the rundown of services they provide. Some just do hair and nails, while others offer comprehensive spa services and skin rejuvenation treatments. Get a sense of precisely what treatments you need and are prepared to pay for, how often is the necessary upkeep, and how much. Trust us, you will be much happier knowing that you look good while still being able to afford food and rent!

3. Research, Peer reviews, and Social media: How to use these tools

Reviews can be extremely helpful in your research, so do read them. Salon reviews from happy or angry customers often even mention the beautician/hair stylist’s name directly. Social media also provides great visuals to help you find the right stylist for your desired look.

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest offer portfolios after portfolios of hair textures, colors and cuts to your heart’s desire. With just a quick search, you can determine if these salons are the right one for you or not.

Most salons have their own websites these days, study them, especially the section on the specialties of the beauticians and hairdressers. This is essential as you hone down on what their individual experience is and some sites even host the images of their star work. On the off chance that the salon doesn't have their own website or it doesn't give this kind of information online, don't hesitate to call and inquire ahead of your appointment. You won’t be sorry!

4. Personal recommendations: Tips from loved ones

It can be really useful to ask your friends, family, and neighbors for their salon proposals. Sometimes even when you see a stranger with a perfect style on the street – it’s been known to happen, especially in the fashion capitals of the world!

Of course, what’s right for others may not be directly applicable for your hair or your needs. Just always remember to respect your needs when requesting a referral, and discuss your preferences and needs with the stylist to ensure the right fit with their experience and skills when you meet.

People will likely be flattered and most are happy to offer advice/recommendations, especially if you are asking someone whose hair or skin you admire.

5. What kind of equipment do they use? How clean are they? Check!


5 Important Things to Consider Before Consulting A Hair and Beauty Salon by Iles Formula


Another key consideration is the excellence of the salon's hardware and the maintenance of them. These are items that will come into direct contact with your hair and skin. The cleanliness and quality of the styling tools and seats, sinks, and facial beds not only determine how well of a job the salon can deliver, it really shows how much value they place on winning your ongoing patronage.

If possible, you should try to visit the salon and have a quick inspection of the place before you commit to a treatment, but first impressions are usually right in this case, so go with your gut feeling.

Last but not least… Test it out!

Considering your chosen stylist/beautician may be yours for a while, a few years, or even half a lifetime in some cases, it’s a potentially long-term relationship of trust. We recommend that you do a test visit.

When you've whittled down the choices, schedule a booking for something light-duty, like a blow-dry so you can figure out whether the location works for you and of course whether the stylist/beautician lives up to their hype and your research. Take everything in during your visit, per our recommended points.

Is the beautician attentive? Are they paying attention to what you need? Is the salon clean? Is the location reachable and are the staff agreeable?

Are the brushes and scissors appropriately sanitized? Is the salon giving you a stress-free relaxing time or is it too stressful/ pushed for space?

Choosing the right salon can be key not just to your look. Choose wisely, and we wish you the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with your hairdresser or beautician. 

Iles Formula is supported by top stylists and salons around the world. We consider with great care where we place our brand, so do see our carefully selected salons ( our chosen ones )  on our locations page for an address and technician near you.

Guest Writer: Umer Ishfaq

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