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With the dry, winter air, so comes brittle, undernourished hair. It’s an ideal time to give your tresses the extra moisture and nourishment it needs for revival. The Iles Formula Nurture Pack deeply replenishes and restores your hair, giving it strength and a luscious glow. It is everything you need to give your locks a salon-like experience, from the comfort of your own home. Here are five luxurious ways to pamper yourself using the potent Nurture Pack to renew your hair:

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  1. To Strengthen Weak, Brittle Hair

As the winter, post-holiday blues set in, our hair also begins to feel damaged and dry after some festive holiday styling. The Nurture Pack is here to rescue your tresses, with the Iles Formula Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask all in one luxurious beauty bag. Hair can become weak and damaged if not properly treated, so make sure to apply powerful, high-quality formulas that help restore your tress’s suppleness.

If you are an extension wearer you can not live without this pack, which is also highly recommended to use for strengthening after a chemical treatment, like a Brazilian blowout. This luxurious experience is perfect for the whole family as the Nurture collection also comes in a Family size. 


  1. To Recharge Color Treated Tresses

It’s no big secret that color-treated hair can often end up brittle and damaged. It is necessary to pamper your tresses after bleach and color are applied, allowing for them to be properly nourished. Luckily all the formulas found in the Nurture Pack are not only safe for colored hair but also essential to repairing locks.

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Actually, the more damaged the tresses, the more amazing the transformation is with the Nurture Pack formulas! While colored hair especially blondes, usually possesses damaged porosity bars on the hair shaft, the root extract in the Iles Formula Shampoo buffs over them, smoothing and repairing all porosity problems. For this reason the shampoo has become known as a salon colorists best friend. To follow up the color-treated restoration, the Iles Formula Conditioner ensures  the closure of the outer hair shaft  cuticle, which is often lifted and disrupted during a color process while instantly detangling the locks.

      3. To Gently Cleanse Build-Up on the Scalp

To truly replenish tresses, it starts with the nurturing of the scalp. One way to ensure scalp health is to clear it of build-up from dead skin cells or products. A gentle, calming cleanser perfectly PH balanced as is Iles Shampoo, must be used to revive the bounce and lustre of the hair, without stripping it of moisture or drying it out.

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The Iles Formula Shampoo Haute Performance featured in the Nurture Pack can tenderly treat your tresses with antioxidant-rich formulas and Vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 can help recharge your locks and allow them to withstand any sort of damage.

Important Tip ...

Add more water, not more product when using the Iles Shampoo. Water is the key to wake up the root extract ingredient that creates an abundance of mousse. To add more water while massaging and you end up with an abundance of mousse, a sign you have used it correctly.  Be sure to bring this mousse all the way to the ends of the hair. In cases of very brittle hair or hair that is breaking this mousse will actually transform the brittle hair to soft pliable hair stopping breakage.

Rinse really well, as one needs to do with all sulfate free shampoos.

      4. As A Deeply Moisturizing Hair Mask

Damaged, frail hair calls for some extra indulgent pampering and moisturizing. Run yourself a luxurious, warm bath and generously apply a deeply hydrating hair mask from root to tip. The Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Mask is filled with luscious nut oils, natural silk, and Vitamins B5 and E. It delivers a sumptuous cocktail of ingredients that nourish and revive tresses.

Important Tip ...

Apply the Iles Formula Hair Mask between the Iles Shampoo and Iles Conditioner


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       5.To Condition and Instantly Repair Locks of All Hair Types

Dry, damaged locks are a thing of the past with the Iles Formula Conditioner Haute Performance. This conditioner is the raison d'etre  the Iles Formula brand was developed.  It instantly transforms ALL  hair types with its natural ingredients and science at the highest level. It closes tight all disrupted hair cuticles delivering soft, sumptuous, luscious, locks which has become the staple signature hair finish for Iles Formula.  The result is instant, and unforgettable.

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For the best results, use the Iles Formula Distribution Comb also found in the Nurture Pack to ensure complete distribution of treatment. The conditioning repair initiated on the locks is immediate, so there is no need to keep it on for an extended period.

People often ask if they can skip Conditioner when they use the mask. The answer is no.

A mask serves to add extra moisture to your hair shaft, while the Iles Formula conditioner seals the outer hair cuticle, therefore locking in tight the moisture from the mask and then delivers a luminous shine and super smooth, silken hair shaft.

These five ways of using Iles Formula’s Nurture Pack will ensure the revitalization of any dry or damaged locks, giving them new life. Strengthen, replenish, and nourish your tresses with the most effective, innovative formulas. Pamper yourself with these nurturing products, and give yourself a moment of ultimate luxury.


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