8 Best summer hair color trends

Summertime! Not only is it time for the beach, bikinis, and cocktails at sunset, it is also time to update your look with a brand-new hair color. The right trendy hair color can instantly impress those around you, boost your fashion icon status among your friends, and perhaps even spark a summer romance with that cute boy at the next pool party!

For summer, playful and exotic colors such as Glacier Blue Ombre and Psychedelic hair are THE colors for those in the know. Although pastel hair has been super trendy since a while, this trend will continue this year, but with the focus and variations on more sophisticated colors such as lilac, or pastels that have more complex layers, featuring colors that are closer to natural hair colors, such as rose gold and pink tints on gold ombre

Don’t be disappointed if these colors are perhaps too edgy for you or your workplace. There are some trendy colors that you can play with in subtler ways that are closer to natural hair colors and appropriate for any occasion (yes even for work!).

Don’t forget to treat your hair properly with good quality hair products both before and after coloring your hair, as it is crucial to keep your hair healthy and well-nourished in order to present your beautiful new color with all the lusciousness it deserves.

Now, let’s take a look at the hair color trends of Summer !

1. Brunette Ombre with highlights / Mushroom brown hair

Mushroom brown is one of the trendiest hair colors in 2019 and looks much prettier than it sounds.  You can think of this as an upgraded version of ashy brown hair but comprising of more subtle dimensions within, such as different shades of brown and gray, like a mushroom. To create this earthy and semi-ashy hair color, it involves a series of lowlights and highlights on top of an ashy brown base hair color. The key is to keep the brown and blonde shades within cool to neutral for this multi-dimensional hair color.


Photo credit to @enter_hairdressers on Instagram.

2. Icy Rose tint on Gold ombre

If your style tends towards muted colors and softer and more feminine clothing, then this is your color! It is one of my favorite pastel hair colors and a super trendy color combo for 2019. To wear this color, you can dye your hair to an icy rose or combine gold ombre with a hint of icy rose pink.


8 Best summer hair color trends in 2019 by Iles Formula

Photo credit to hairsimply.com.

While Psychedelic hair color appears more funky, colorful and tends to be matte overall, it doesn’t require you to keep your hair extra shiny or lustrous, whereas this sophisticated Icy rose and gold ombre combo requires you to have an extremely well-nourished and healthy head of hair with extra luster before you can even think of dyeing your hair.

Otherwise, it won’t come off as a fabulous and angelic Icy rose, but a dry, crumbly, and lifeless color on your head that may remind others of week-old cut flowers about to be thrown out – which I’m sure is not the color you want associated with your hair!

For more tips on how to keep your hair looking spectacular and luscious, see the section on maintenance towards the end of this article.


8 Best summer hair color trends in 2019  by Iles Formula

Photo credit to hairsimply.com.

3. Rose Gold

Rose Gold has more pink to it than the previous pastel, the Icy rose tint on gold ombre combo.
It is yet another interpretation of the Millennial pink hair trend that we just can’t seem to get enough of, while embodying some elements of the strawberry honey trend too – though it is a little darker in nature and has more strawberry notes overall.

This tone is perfect for the girl who likes to walk a little on the wild side, with hints of a deeper pink and darker roots seeping through her light pink and golden hair. It can work well with motorcycle boots, a leather jacket, jeans, and a singlet, as well as a punky off-shoulder cocktail dress with spiked heels – in short, it rocks!

Photo credit to @haircherilyn on Instagram.

4. Ashy Silver

The metallic hair trend has been around for several years now and its popularity among the trendsetting crowd doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. With an exotic and trendy look that easily matches any outfit or accessories, it is easy to see why it remains a favorite among the Insta-beauty babes.


Photo credit to @jaimyw on Instagram.

5. Creamy blonde

Similar to Icy Blonde, but here the main difference is the hair texture. It should look matte and a little “foggy” (i.e. not too shiny), and the overall effect should be very soft. The Iles Formula Signature collection can help you soften your hair, helping you maintain a well-nourished and voluminous hairstyle.


Photo credit to @therefineryclaremont on Instagram.

6. Pastel Hair Color – Lilac

The big pastel hair trend from last year, the Millennial pink, has developed into a softer, more sensual, and more grown-up alternative, the Lilac purple, with searches for lilac tresses increasing by 1077% from the previous year. 


Photo credit to @pravana on Instagram.


If you want to feel more special and feminine, you can take your lilac hair to the next level with the addition of another trendy color: Glacier blue. It will give you this dreamy and fantastic Unicorn color on your long and wavy hair. For tips on nailing this next trend, see the following section dedicated to this color in particular.



Photo credit to @therefineryclarement on Instagram.

7. Glacier Blue ombre hair color

Glacier blue and blue ombre are expected to be the most coveted hair colors for 2019. Just gazing at the beautiful and cool tones makes you feel as though you’re stepping into a lake in the middle of summer, or walking into an icy cold department store with air-conditioning blasting while it’s 40 degrees outside. It’s a cool feeling that you and those around you may never get enough!


Photo credit to  Iles Formula ambassado  @claudiadoesmyhair on Instagram.

8. Psychedelic hair color

This is definitely the funkiest and fun hair color on our list, and will allow you to show the most personality. This may remind you of the super-hot rainbow hair trend from a couple of years ago, but this time round, the trend plays with a more abstract and artistic aspect of “painting” a Psychedelic reflection pattern onto waves of hair.

It will be impossible for people to ignore you with such edgy and dynamic hair – have a look below at some of the coolest interpretations of the trend for your own unique inspiration.



8 Best summer hair color trends in 2019 by Iles Formula


Photo credit to @hairbymisskellyo on instagram

If you really want to try these cool colors but still need to look professional at the office on Monday, do not despair! Temporary dyes can be a fun way to switch up your colors whenever you want to and revert to a professional image when Monday comes around. See more details on this non-committal option at the end of this article.

After seeing these stunning images referencing the best hair color trends in 2019, it’s time for us to look into how to take care of our hairs and the new colors in this SUMMER!!

Try Temporary Hair Dye !

Giving you the coolest looks at weekend parties while allowing you to keep looking professional for work during the week, temporary hair dyes are perfect for you to try all the trendy summer colors and switch up your hair color whenever you want to, as it simply washes off after you take your new color for a spin over the weekend. You can buy different types of temporary hair dyes on the market (or online), including:

  • Hair color chalk: Apply on styled and dry hair by sliding down the length of the hair. You may need to repeat application to increase the color intensity.
  • Color rinse: Applied as a leave-in conditioner after shampooing.
  • Color spray: This will color your hair efficiently and can be easily washed out, but your hair will be stiff from the hair spray
  • Color gel: This can be applied to the hair (more suitable for shorter hair or men’s hair) to add hold as well as color.

However, beware that your hair may become stiff, damaged, or generally lackluster after using temporary hair dye due to the chemical formula. Some hair dyes may also transfer onto your clothes upon contact so be extra careful if you were planning on a light outfit with your temporarily dyed hair!


Do your Hair Maintenance !

Once your color is on, maintenance is key to keeping it looking sharp and fresh, and to maintain the health and luster of your newly colored hair.

For light colors such as ashy silver and creamy blonde, you may hear horror stories of how these colors turn brassy and yellowish easily, sometimes dramatically, perhaps after a carefree, sun- and chlorine-filled weekend by the pool, or very often a gradual fade over a couple of weeks after you dye your hair, when the color doesn’t even look similar to its initial state or box-fresh any more.

For tips to fight this, and on how to keep trendy colors beautiful for much longer, you can refer to our blog article devoted to this topic, 6 Smart Guides to Prevent Your Blonde Hair from Turning Yellow.

Your daily hair care regime will affect the color maintenance and even the texture of your hair. If you want your new summer hair color to look on trend and beautiful, you need healthy hair to support and deliver the new color to its best.

Iles Formula Signature Collection is your must-do haircare regime basics for soft, lusciously healthy, and color-ready hair. They are paraben-free, sulfate-free and cruelty-free, and suitable for all hair types, plus these formulas instantly repair damaged, straw-like textured hair into sumptuous spun silk perfection.

Iles shampoo: is known as the top colorists best friend as it softly buffs over porosity bars, preventing uneven color.

Iles Conditioner:  Instantly shuts down hair cuticle after a chemical color procedure locking all color pigments inside the hair shaft.

Iles Serum. Is your hairs best protector against heated tools, UV + anti color fade and humidity. Did you know that warm colors of red and Titian will fade almost immediately with the use of hot tools? Our serum will prevent this happening.

Iles Formula Signature Collection contains the above trio of  Shampoo + Conditioner + Finishing Serum, all that you need for building a better foundation for your hair and scalp before dyeing your hair and protects your color from an uneven application and  premature color fade.


Signature Collection – Click the above picture to see reviews and details

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