A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula



A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula

This season reminds us, it is with GRATITUDE we give thanks to every customer, salon, store, and editor who has supported with love and fidelity Iles Formula. Without you, our success would not be possible.

It's rather extraordinary as we have not advertised as such, the success of our journey has all been through word of mouth, a very powerful tool as it has taken Iles Formula global. We wake daily to the most wonderful reviews, so much so I wanted to share some with you today.

I read every review and want you all to know how precious these reviews are to my team and I.

A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula


Dara Johnson

Hair Condition Dry
Age 35
I rarely leave a review, but I just had to say how amazing these products are. I struggle with fine, frizzy hair. Normally I have to style after blow-drying with a curling iron or flat iron (or both!). After using this set I can just blow dry my hair with a round brush and I’m done. It smells wonderful and leaves my hair soft and shiny and frizz-free!! Worth the $!


A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula



my new go-to
In LOVE. I have extremely curly hair that is dry. This changed the feel in one use!!!

A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula

Bella Kroll


Amazing products
Absolutely love this set. The serum is light and silky, shampoo has a great foam, and the conditioner is thick and not at all watery. I have VERY long hair that has been falling out after having a baby so it’s been tangled. This set made my hair soft, bouncy, and very easy to brush through. I won’t be trying another brand after using this, I know I won’t find better

A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula



Left hair feeling repaired on the first application.

Awesome products and really worked well with my hair. I would recommend to anyone with thick coarse dry hair. Smells really good too. I love the packaging and the bottles you can tell are really good quality, designed with a lot of thought.


A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula


I have 30 years of hairdressing experience and have used every hair product there is in the market. I genuinely believe in this product for its high performance as promised and will NOT use anything else in my hair (& my body) besides Iles Formula again. It smells like heaven, leaves my hair silky/& strong as well as manageable and it's safe on my entire body as well as the environment. I highly recommend this product to my family, friends and all my clients. You will not be disappointed and will love it too like everyone else I have recommended this one to.


A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula

Genny M

Wendy, I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Iles Formula Hair Care. Iles has surpassed my expectations with profound results after the first use. With each use my fine, damaged hair becomes healthier, more manageable, my dreaded dried scalp and hair fallout has become a thing of the past. As a single mother raising a special needs son I have to account for all my expenses, but with such profound results, Iles Formula hair care is quickly becoming a justifiable expense. I hope to try Iles Hair Mask soon and completely transform my hair regimen.


A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula

Lauren Grummel

Hi Wendy! I am an NYC hairstylist.
I have to tell you I have a client who I recently used Iles Formula one, two and three on. She has the finest whisper of hair and scarring alopecia around her hairline. After using Iles Formula her hair was like hair again!!!!!! It was full and shiny- just luxurious!! Nothing like I’d seen before on her.
So thank you for all you do in creating such wonderful products!


A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula

Viki Goldstein

Vickie Goldstein

So here is the deal… IF someone broke into my house for “diamonds” they would be SO disappointed BUT if they wanted shampoos and conditioners they would have hit the VAULT… I try every new product when it comes out… especially if my hairdresser recommends… and THIS product line is a WINNER… used the shampoo, conditioner and the finishing serum… my hair feels like my 12-year-old grandchild amazing! just ordered the mask too..don’t hesitate… get the line… u will NOT be sorry u did!


A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula


I don’t even know where to begin…

I have long, blond, frizzy, thin, grease-prone hair that can be straw-like at times. I had tried everything (expensive, drugstore brands, etc.) in terms of hair care products to try to make my hair look and feel healthy, bouncy, shiny, and smooth, but with no avail. At least not until I tried these Iles products via the Discovery set.

As I began washing my hair, I noticed that it immediately became more smooth and silky than with any other shampoo that I have tried.

The conditioner… WOW. After combing it through my hair with the Iles comb and waiting about 2 minutes to rinse, my hair was feeling incredible: knot-free, silky, and smooth. I don’t remember the last time that my hair actually felt so conditioned after using a conditioner. It was almost as if my hair had completely transformed. No lie.

Last, but not least, the serum is incredible. After towel drying my hair, I put a quarter-sized amount of serum from mid-lengths to ends, and then to the rest of my hair. I was hesitant because, normally, serums and oils have had a tendency to make my flat, grease-prone hair more of all of those things. Not this my friends. After hand blow drying, my hair was frizz-free, from roots to ends. Not only that, but my hair had more volume, bounce, and shine than ever before. I walked out of the house that day looking and feeling great.

I was, and still, am, amazed. This haircare line is no joke.

Needless to say, Iles Formula has changed my hair and my life for the better. Thank you, Wendy, for creating a haircare line that is nothing short of a miracle!


A Cause For Gratitude From Iles Formula by Iles Formula

We are a family business and Iles Formula takes every breath we breathe as our company is growing beyond our dreams. Integrity and high performance are the foundation that Iles Formula is built upon. Thank you for recognizing this and encouraging our growth as you do.

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