A List Worthy Hair With Wendy Iles

How many times have you caught a glimpse of an A List Celebrity's hair and thought, "I would love to know how to create that hairstyle."  Well, our very own Co- Founder Wendy Iles, happens to be one of the masterminds behind some of the most stunning looks you have most likely seen on the Red Carpet, on TV,  and on the covers of some of your favorite magazines.  She styles hair for Heidi Klum, Sharon Stone, Kate Hudson, Dita Von Teese, Marion Cotillard, Kiera Knightly, and many more.  Wendy Iles recently spent some time with "This Morning Show" UK, sharing some of her secret weapons for "A List Worthy Hair", and how to create and preserve some of these "must have" hairstyles.

Here are just a few of the covers where you can see some of her creations.

A List Worthy Hair With Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

Photo Courtesy Of:  This Morning Show UK

In many instances, you will hear Wendy mention that she prefers a less is more approach to hair when it comes to products and what you use to create these looks.  In her experiences, she shares that by using less styling product, the hair will respond better to the iron work, hold the curl better, and allow the hair to remain under ones control throughout the entire shoot.  The more products you layer onto the hair, the heavier the hair becomes, and that is when the hair becomes difficult to work with on set.  In other words, make sure the hair is healthy and in great condition and choose your 1 product to work with and stick to that. As most of her clients anyway are Iles Formula users of her shampoo and conditioner at home, Wendy uses on set the  Iles Formula Finishing Serum.  It's her secret weapon to delivering spun silk hair which in a way today has become her trade mark and celebrities love her for it.  For years she traveled the globe executing many high end hair campaigns using her on set secret formulas...now since launching them we can all have access to these bench mark favorites.

Already liking what your seeing and hearing, check out this video from Wendy's appearance on "This Morning Show"  UK, where she is talking more about the less is more approach, as well as some really great tips for creating A List Worthy Hair.

Video Courtesy:  This Morning Show UK


Tip #1 | For A List Worthy Hair

Start by doing a nice round brush blow dry....don't forget to apply a small amount of  Iles Formula finishing serum through mid lengths and ends of hair to protect the hair from heat and to deliver sumptuous silkiness.

To tong take three thicker sections on each side of the head, and curl the hair vertically toward the center back.  Then use your two fingers and roll each section backwards and clip that curl vertically into place.  Repeat three times on each side of the head.  This is what Wendy calls  "Cooking Time", so allow that curl to completely cool before taking down.  When you release, apply a small amount of  Iles Formula Finishing Serum  over the outer surface of the hair to protect against humidity and then comb the style into place.

Tip #2 | For A List Worthy Hair

To preserve this beautiful curl you have created, simply take a fabric covered elastic hair band and secure a ponytail then loop the hair through on the second wave, creating a little loop.  Leave out the ends and wrap them neatly around the loose bun and clip.  Sleep on the hair this way and when you wake, you simply take down the hair and the waves are preserved.

Tip #3 | For A List Worthy Hair

What happens when you realize that maybe you curled your hair a little too tight?  No worries, try this trick.  Pull the hair down to the nape into a low ponytail, except do not secure it.  Instead, twist the hair loosely, leaving out the ends.   Then place that twist flat onto the top of your head and clip the ends down flat with 2 large section clips .  Let it sit that way for a bit.  When you release it, the hair will have relaxed some and the curls will not be so tight.

All of these steps are in the video, so take a peek at that if you have not already.  What did you think of some of these A List Worthy Hair tips and tricks?  Have you tried any of these before? We hope you loved it!  Are you already using Iles Formula Products?  Don't forget to tag us in on Instagram @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula #wendyiles.  We love to see your work.

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