A Spring Braid

A Spring Braid by Iles Formula
I love the way Alexa Chung does her braids. Her color is also super interesting. You could braid in a colored extension if you are not up to coloring permanently your hair. This is a very fresh and sweet style for spring. Easy to do and perfect for medium length hair wearers who want to experiment an up do - as the braid keeps the shorter layered lengths in place.

Start by drying hair upside down to get liberated root movement . If your hair is straight , by adding a little curl movement with a curling wand , it will make braiding easier as the ends will have a turn on them, hooking them into place  within the braid. With a center part, divide hair into 2 equal parts  (like school plaits). Start braiding from the nape down and anchor the ends with a small invisible bands    ( Fine teeth braces elastic bands are great as they are very discrete). Take the 2 braids and attach where you wish around the head, anchoring the 2 elastic ends together on center top of head with strong bobby pins. Let the shorter wisps fly , it adds the poetry.

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