A Tribute To YouTube Creators Who Are Loving Our Iles Formula Products

If you follow us on Instagram, then every Saturday you see us feature people from around the world who tag us on Instagram in their posts showing us their love of Iles Formula.  We look forward each and every week to seeing all of these tags.  We recently also noticed a lot of Vloggers on YouTube sharing their obsession for our Iles Formula haircare products.  We wanted to share some of them with you so you can check out their profiles and hear their thoughts on our products.  To see more,  here is A Tribute To  YouTube Creators Who Are Loving Our Iles Formula Products below.

Camilla Frederikke

Our first feature is Camilla Frederikke.  Camilla is a YouTuber, Makeup Artist, and Professional Dancer.  You can watch her video by clicking HERE to see some of her beauty favorites, including our Iles Formula products.  You can't help but trust her when she tells you that what she is using is great, just look at her beautiful hair, she is doing something right isn't she?  If you would like to see more from Camilla, check out her Instagram HERE.

Sandra Willer

Our next feature is Sandra Willer.  Sandra is a blogger/vlogger.  We adore her YouTube page and love that she is a fan of our formulas.  You can check out her video where she shares what she loves about Iles Formula HERE  and you can also find her on Instagram HERE.

Kelly Kruger Brooks

We love the energy of Kelly Kruger Brooks.  Kelly is a Beauty, Fashion & Wellness lover.  In addition, you can find her on the daytime TV show Young And The Restless where she plays Mackenzie.  We love that she believes in high performance haircare and we enjoyed seeing how excited she is about our formulas on her YouTube channel.   To see the video of some of her favorite products which includes our formulas, click HERE, and you can also visit her on her Instagram HERE.

Lasse Brogaard

Lasse Brogaard is a favorite of ours because you will always see fun videos from this curator.  If you love Makeup, Hair & Beauty then this YouTube channel is for you.  Be sure to check out what Iles Formula products made headlines in Lasse's video HERE.  Check out Lasse's Instagram HERE to learn a bit more about this influencer.

Emily DiDonato

Emily is an American model who knows the importance of great hair care products since she is constantly on camera.  We love her YouTube channel and think you should definitely pop over to see what she  recent videos. Emily had Iles Formula participate at her wedding in 2018 and offered her family and bridesmaids Iles Formula as gifts. We were thrilled to be part of her big day and covered it for you in this journal.  To see the video click HERE.  Emily also has an Instagram, that you can visit by clicking HERE.

The Dainty Duo

Sisters, Content Creators and Bloggers, The Dainty Duo are two super cute, up and coming fashionable influencers, and we just love that they are fans of our formulas.  As you can see, the common thread amongst all of these vloggers, that beautiful, healthy hair is important to them, and this is exactly what you get with Iles Formula. Our 3 Step System is a great start for transforming your hair.  The sisters share our Discovery & Travel Set that is the perfect opportunity to give our formulas a try.  To see their video click HERE and of course you can check out their Instagram profile HERE as well.

Belle Lucia

Our final Influencer we want to feature who shared Iles Formula in their YouTube  is another Model who is from Australia named Belle Lucia.  She credits our Finishing Serum as one of her products that she uses to style her hair.  Check out her video on YouTube HERE, and to see more from her, you can also take a peek at her Instagram by clicking HERE

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