Are Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Boosters Safe for Pregnant and Nursing Women?

Postpartum alopecia affects approximately 40 to 50% of women in the months following childbirth. No wonder people seek ways to prevent or treat postpartum hair loss.

This article addresses whether scalp and hair rejuvenating boosters are safe for pregnant women or nursing moms. It also lists the benefits of using these boosters and explains how they work.

Hair maintenance may seem like a luxury, but treating yourself now and then is essential, especially if you are a mother. Keep reading to determine whether hair rejuvenation is safe during pregnancy or while nursing.

Entering motherhood is a life-changing experience that gives joy despite the responsibilities. Becoming a mother can brighten your life, but it can take a toll on your health if you don’t manage your well-being.

There are several ways to look after yourself despite the conditions you may face after giving birth, such as hormonal hair loss after pregnancy. You can click here for practical tips to counter postpartum hair loss.

Is the Iles Formula Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster Safe for Mothers?

People experiencing hair loss, alopecia, and hormonal changes, like pregnancy or menopause, may benefit from Iles Formula.

This booster is a botanically derived, drug-free formula containing a Procapil blend, wasabi, apple, and tomato extracts.

Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster Ingredients

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, or the Procapil blend, is one of the critical components in Iles Formula Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster. It is formulated for men and women experiencing hair loss, including pregnant and menopausal women.

The Procapil blend has three components: a hair vitamin called Biotinyl-GHK, a flavonoid from citrus plants called apigenin, and oleanolic acid, which is derived from olive trees. This blend works alongside wasabi, apple extract, and tomato to give your hair a healthy new look.

Procapil is a blend of all-natural ingredients that promote hair growth. It is naturally safe and drug-free. Procapil strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss by encouraging growth in the root area.

Procapil combines vitamin-induced matrikine, olive tree leaves’ apigenin, and oleanolic acid. These components help to slow down the aging process and prevent hair loss. To further back this statement about Procapil, a study found that extracts from wild and cultivar olive water have a beneficial effect on hair growth.

Another study also looked into using tomato extracts for hair growth potential, which showed results during the fourth week. Another ingredient in the booster is wasabi. Although it may seem not ordinary to use as a hair product, this plant was proven to help stimulate hair growth and act as a functional compound.

The last ingredient from the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster is apple extract. It has been proven to promote hair growth while inducing keratin production.

Keratin is naturally produced protein by your body that helps form the outer layer of your skin, nails, and hair.

With studies backing the boosters’ content, it is safe to say that the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating booster is worth adding to your hair care routine.

What Are the Benefits of the Iles Formula  Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster? 

Using this hair product allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • It improves the texture and volume of your hair by reducing hair loss and encouraging the growth of new and stronger hair.
  • It strengthens and invigorates the hair shaft, promoting better growth.
  • It helps boost the amino acids needed to make keratin, which improves regrowth and overall hair quality.
  • It helps increase the amount of cellular binding elements in your scalp, thus blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Excessive levels of DHT can cause hair follicles to shrink, shortening the growth cycle and resulting in baldness.
  • Its wasabi ingredient stimulates the dermal papilla cells to develop hair follicles better.
  • Its tomato and apple extracts help with cell rejuvenation and reduce the aging of the scalp and hair.
  • Its biotin residues and amino acids (biotinyl-GHK) help strengthen hair and stimulate collagen production.
  • It helps stimulate collagen synthesis to help repair damaged hair and reduce hair loss.

What Is the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster?

The Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster is a leave-in treatment that you can use for both wet and dry hair. The main objective of this hair product is to reduce the signs of hair loss and enhance hair growth to form even more potent and healthier hair.


The formulation is not just for women undergoing postpartum alopecia but also men suffering from hair loss due to high levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and people experiencing early signs of alopecia.

This booster explicitly targets hair loss, often confused with hair breakage since both can affect the hair’s density. Some people may suffer from hair loss and hair breakage. To combat these two conditions, people can try the Iles Formula Shampoo + Conditioner, which targets hair breakage, and the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster.

Sometimes, the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster may not work optimally or produce the desired hair regrowth results. It may be because the user’s hair follicles have been inactive or dormant for several years. This booster is recommended for people experiencing early signs of alopecia.

The best results can be achieved if there is still some activity on the root. Even with little activity, the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster can help encourage blood circulation around the area and help strengthen the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

Overall, the Scalp + Hair Rejuvenating Booster is safe for pregnant women. Understanding what works for you and how it can affect your baby is essential. It all comes down to your personal choice.



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Written by guest authur Ruth Riley 


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