Ask The Expert Q&A Session

Ask The Expert Q&A Session by Iles Formula
Thank you all for your enthusiastic questions ! If I have missed someone,  please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.
@haniendaoud: I have Arab olive skin color and dark brown hair, I'd like to dye my hair. What color do you recommend ?

I'd suggest nothing too light with your olive skin tone. You could start by adding some highlights in one or 2 tones lighter than you are (like soft browns). I'd be most careful about adding block colors (all over colors) as you will see regrowth marks and this needs a high maintenance, you will have to retouch roots every 5 weeks. The beauty of highlights or color meshes is that they grow out more discreetly. If you want something more daring, you can try the idea of dipping the ends lighter and leaving the roots natural. This look has been the most popular, especially with Americans and some celebrities.
@michellecherylnadinex: My hair is really fine. How can I make it stronger?

Certainly keep the ends trimmed regularly. This will stop the fine ends splitting and breaking away. You should be using a conditioner after  every shampoo, as this closes the hair scales down to strengthen the hair shaft. Nioxin  products are known to help prevent hair fall. There are also vitamins like B5 and Biotin that will help strengthen both hair and nails, ask your pharmacy or doctor about the dosage.

@visual_optimism: What's the best product to blow dry curly hair straight ?

Try the John Frieda 3 day straight, this works well, also Paul Mitchell super skinny serum after you blow dry your hair.

@erzziemunsie: Can one darken brown or black hair without bleach and still avoid it turning red ?

One only uses bleach to lighten hair, but peroxide is added to bleach or color pigment to permanently darken and lighten hair. The problem with permanent colors - whether they are dark or blonde - is that they are super sensitive to the sun rays, therefore they will always lighten off more, giving often unwanted brassy and red tones, as the color ages. If you must use permanent color to darken your hair (because of greys etc ), then between colors use a pigment shampoo to prevent the brassy colors coming through. My hair is dark, I'd never use peroxide on my hair because it's long and I want to keep it perfectly healthy. However I do from time to time apply a color rinse without ammonia and peroxide that just accelerates the shine and luster and adds depth to natural brown. I use a product called Blush Satine by Eugene Perma (darkest brown). It lasts about 5 shampoos.

@milesgray88: Is there still a trend for longer hair on men ?

Men's hair trend for 2014 is very much what you have Miles, short tapered sides with length on top. It's one of my preferred styles  for men, as the length on top allows lots of variation in style.

@idoglamour: What are your favorite products for up-dos ?

This depends on the type of up do I'm doing. If it's a messy out of bed look, I'd apply a bit of Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo to the hair or Nigelle mat scrunch foam to add a dry texture. If it's a very slick shiny couture style, I would most likely use a shiny serum as a finish on perfectly groomed hair. I rarely use hairspray but if I must, I would use Elnett as my first choice as it's very fine, holds well and brushes out easily but this would be just a tiny spray right at the end of styling.

@beautybylizzz: How are you feeling about the Ombre?

I've had quite few celebrities in my chair with Ombre. Certainly for the maintenance it's easy to keep up. I like it best when it's not too obvious, like a "sun kissed" effect.

@abel_hair: What's your favorite color line ?

I work with some of the world's best colorists on all types of hair brand commercials. I've never been disappointed by Goldwell experts. The blondes are really beautiful and their colors are vibrant and rich and the hair stays very healthy.

@blandineLagoutte: Which crimping iron should I have ?

For straightening, I like GHD and Harry Josh (only for USA). For crimping, I use Gold n Hot in USA available  in 1 and 2 inch blades. For Europe, you can try  IY-Z18 professional Titanium Alloy hair crimping iron. Conair also has a mini crimper that I like a lot. I still have  to find a crimper that I like with dual voltage option.

@underthestarrysky05:  A few of your favorite cuts for long hair right now ?

I'm really into fringes with long hair - long fringes that have side sections near the cheeks to play with. Take a look at my last week blog post on clip fringes and Heidi Klum's fringe that I cut.  I also like long hair that has a line graduated around the front from chin to ends, the back length stays weighty, this gives great volume to the hair. It can be waved away from face or toward the face. It's the most popular celebrity haircut I know of.

Delanie Billman: My roots are growing out but i can't afford to keep up with my platinum blonde. What's a good way to transition without spending a lot of money?

The ideal way is to firstly find a great colorist. Then have some low lights the same color as your regrowth placed through your block platinum color. This will help break the regrowth line. Then as your roots start to really grow out, add highlights to stay in the family of blonde. Highlights don't leave that solid regrowth line. You can also get away with just highlighting part lines and around face and neck, like a quarter head, as this represents much less expense than a full head procedure.

@sahry07:  What should I do with my hair so that they look better ?

Looking at your profile photo it appears you have few colors tones. You could think about using a color pigment shampoo to add pigment luster and shine. You should also use conditioner on your long hair. Your hair appears pretty much one length around the face. By  cutting  a graduation  line around the face line, it would be nice and will add volume to your hair. Have you thought about fringes ? Read this week article on false fringes (clip bangs) on my blog. Try one on, if you like then cut one. It may be a beautiful change for you.

@DekoundGeschenk: I pass the iron all day through my hair is there another way? And what's a good hairspray to fix the hair after it is done?

Have you thought about a Brazilian Keratin treatment ? This will take away a lot of the frizzes if this is the reason why you keep straightening your hair all the time. It Leaves the hair silky straight but not stick straight. It's very nice. Regarding the hairspray, Elnett is excellent and it brushes out well.

@christiemutti: What should I do with my hair?

As I'm not really sure what your hair looks like, it's difficult to comment. One image on your Instagram shows long hair from the back. Is it you ? Have you thought about a color shine rinse to add pigment and shine to your hair. If you wish, you can send me a photo of your hair to be able to comment further. What are the most important experiences you have learned on a photo shoot working, with photographers and models? And do you give classes or coaching on photo shoots ?

The most important experience learnt would be to always be professional and work ones very best, take on every project with the wish to get great hair results . Knowing what you want to execute is very important. Visualise your creation before commencing and then work fast.  Listen to photographers needs and make sure the model loves her look and feels comfortable. Time on set is money spent ,so all clients appreciate someone who can work efficiently. No I dont do specific classes for this ...yet ! Maybe one day !

Thank you all dear followers for your interest and great support.

Looking forward for my next Q&A session, stay tuned !

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