Back in Prague

The past 10 days I've been working in Prague.Thanks to a great team, nice celebrities and a super organized production house the days passed really quickly and every thing went well. I was also happy  to work again with director Claudio Drouguett  after our last job together in Santiago and Alex Koch, our great creative  director.

I've been here several times over the years, as its one of the popular locations to shoot commercials in Europe. I thought I knew Prague from the inside out, but Claudio showed me  something I had missed, the" Dancing House " a curvy riverside building designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic. The building resembles a couple dancing often named Fred and Ginger.

Tucked away in its rooftop is the fine french cuisine of Celestre Restaurant offering views of the river and Prague castle. Speaking of restaurants, one I always return to when in Prague is the La Degustation. Each trip here I make one visit to enjoy the 11 course degustation du Chef.  Every plate offers  explosive mouthfuls of extraordinary flavors each washed down with selected light wines according to each course . It's quite a culinary experience to be matched by no other I've come to know .

My hotel is The Mandarine Oriental located in the heart of Prague's oldest district, just off  the Charles Bridge. The beds are sumptuous , the service impeccable. The hotel building was once a monastery dating back as far as 14 th century.  Even decades later, there is something about the calm that lingers from an ancient monastery that's perfect for a good nights sleep. People often ask me after several long days of filming how I manage to keep my energy up, my answer to that question is a good nights rest .

This evening which is my last , I treated myself  to a Linden Blossom 2 hours  spa treatment. It was sheer bliss and I am now  totally rejuvenated, ready for home tomorrow. I arrived here with 0 degree and I'm departing with 20 degree warmth. Spring has arrived and it feels good!

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