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Back to Bob by Iles Formula
I had the opportunity to train under Vidal Sassoon, the Master hairdresser from the 70's who took the cutting of a bob to a whole new other level. His technique requires such precision using smaller blade scissors for small snips creating exactitude.

Below right (photo by Felix Lammers ) is a bob cut i did inspired by the famous Louise Brooks' bob from the 1920's. The cut is timeless , classic , chic and very easy to manage.

I'm not sure why, but it also looks very french. A majority of young French children at some point of childhood will sport this disciplined haircut . It's also very poplular with french women wearing this timeless cut of any length.

Anna Wintour of Vogue USA although not French, is the typical example of a woman loyal to her classic bob.
Back to Bob by Iles Formula

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