Back To School Hairstyles For Teens

School has officially started back, and the school year routines have begun.  Being a teen can be very busy.  Up early, off to school, after school sports, dance classes or cheer.  In this weeks journal, we wanted to dedicate it to our teen girls out there, who are as busy as can be.  In this journal we are sharing  Back To School Hairstyles For Teens to help you get inspired about your hair this year, and also share some trending hairstyles that are perfect back to school looks.



Have you been sporting long hair your whole life and looking for a fun change?  Why not go for a bob.  Bobs are one of our favorite Back To School Hairstyles For Teens.  They can be worn smooth like the image above, or with texture like the images below.  They can also vary in lengths to suit your features.  Ask your hairstylist what length will be best for your features so you get a cut that is complementary.  Are you still needing to be able to get it into a ponytail? No problem, opt for a long bob like shown below.  Change up your part from day to day for a different effect.


Half Up Hairstyles


Whether you decide to cut your hair shorter or leave it long, a half up hairstyle is super fun for school.  Whats nice, it keeps the hair up and out of your face, which can be helpful when you looking into books all day and reading.  Take the hair in front of the ears and direct it up into a ponytail or little chignon on top of the head.  Leave your natural texture on the remaining hair if you don't have time to style it, or add some waves with an iron for more detail.   Use our Iles Formula Finishing Serum to create organic natural texture into your hair.  You can allow it to dry in naturally, or blow dry it in, the choice is yours.  Either way it will bring out your natural texture, plus protect your hair in the process from  heat, humidity  and UV damage .


Back To School Hairstyles For Teens by Iles Formula




The easiest way to get out the door fast in the morning is to tie your hair into a ponytail.  Create a high ponytail for a fun and playful style, or tone it down with a low sleek ponytail for a completely different effect.  Either way, you will literally be ready to go in 5 minutes or less.  Add some large curls for detail, or smooth it for a sleek finish.

Add some raw texture and dress  up your tail with a ribbon.  (velvet ribbons tend to stay put versus satin ribbons that slide off) Best not to brush the hair for this effect but use your fingers as the comb to maintain the out of bed texture.


Get Creative

Take the pony tail above and braid it, securing the end with a small elastic. Turn the braid clockwise in a circle to create a  2 min chignon. Secure in place with bobby pins and some larger U shaped pins.

When it comes to styling your hair, there really are no rules.   Have some fun with it.  If you are keeping your hair long, get creative and try adding something a little different like a braid or a twist.  This is a great way to change up your long hair from day to day.

We love the artistic balance of this very small messy top knot below. Perfect for medium length hair. Best to do this style freehand or with a large tooth comb to maintain the texture. Just pull it up to high pony tail and when placing the band on, as if securing for a pony tail, just pull the hair half way through the elastic to create the bun. Keep twisting the elastic around the bun until it's secure.  This is virtually a 2 minute hairdo and so on trend.


Go Curly

We just adore  effortless natural curly hair.  Its so modern. Embrace your curls, but keep them well hydrated so there is just soft lustrous curls with no crunch. The Iles Formula Hair Mask was developed especially with ethnic hair textures in mind.  It's a nut butter cocktail of raw ingredients loaded with vitamins, so pile it on your scalp too.   Try making your own spray formula  for daily use .... mixing 1/3 of  Iles Formula Hair Mask to 3 times amount of water. Place in a spray vessel, shake and use daily  as a leave on, to keep your curls supple and hydrated.


Another idea for Back To School Hairstyles For Teens, is to utilize accessories.  Accessories can be a great way to dress up any hairstyle no matter your length of hair.  Adding a simple accessory takes a simple hairstyle to the next level instantly.  Start collecting cool and fun hats, hair ties, scrunchies, bows, ribbons, and barrettes and broaches.  That way you have them readily available when you feel like using one.  Here are some fun examples below:

Back To School Hairstyles For Teens by Iles Formula


Styled & Curled

When all else fails, you can always blowout your hair on the weekend and touch it up throughout the week.  If you take the time to style it over the weekend, all you should need to do is quickly touch it up each morning before school.  Try to keep products off your roots to avoid getting too oily and you will be able to recycle the hairstyle all week long. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is excellent for daily use as it protects hair from humidity and UV without weighing the hair down. It is a magic potion this one.

We hope you enjoy these Back To School Hairstyles For Teens and hope they inspire you and help you get ready for school each day.  Keep in mind, have fun, try new things, and send us your selfies @ilesformula_hair #ilesformula.  We can't wait to see what you create.

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