Before and After Testimony on Iles Formula Hair Repair

Before and After Testimony on Iles Formula Hair Repair by Iles Formula

Before and after testimonials are something we at Iles Formula excel at. Our formulas  are designed to INSTANTLY repair ALL hair types.

Before and After Testimony on Iles Formula Hair Repair by Iles Formula

Recently our founder Wendy Iles was in Germany speaking with the press about our new Iles Formula  hair mask  launch. Wendy often does her press events as a "one to one" visit, sitting the editor down for a complete Iles Formula Experience.  The truth is in the pudding as they say!

This particular day all editors  had their hair transformed in less than one hour each session by using  the following recipe.

1/ Wendy cleansed the hair in our  Iles Formula  sulfate free + paraben free + silicon free shampoo to prepare the hair.

2/Iles Formula mask  was applied liberally to  hair and scalp to strengthen and nourish the hair. This was let to penetrate 10 to 15 mins before rinsing.

3/ Iles Formula conditioner  was then applied to instantly close down the hair scales sealing in all the goodness the mask had delivered.  This was combed through to be sure of a perfect distribution before  rinsing. No down time is needed for this application. The performance of our conditioner is INSTANT.

4/ Before blow-drying our Iles Formula Finishing Protection Serum was applied to mid lengths and ends to protect the hair from heated tools. It also has  a bonus of making the hair feel thicker and more luscious especially when heat is applied. On finishing the dry  a small amount of the same serum is applied to the outer surface of the hair to tame down any fluffys and protect the hair against UV and outside humidity .

The results are evident  above in our  before and after photos. Hair is visibly repaired, nourished, stronger and less frizzy and fragile, all in a one hour interview!

There are  many excellent articles written about each editor's experience. Enclosed below for our German public you can read what Strike Magazine had to say.

"STRIKE magazin traf Wendy Iles anlässlich dem Launch der neuen Haarmaske aus Wendy Iles eigener Haarpflege-Linie Formula Iles. Denn das beliebte 123 System von Formula Iles wurde um eine intensiv pflegende Haarmaske erweitert, welche unsere Chefredakteurin exklusiv für STRIKE magazin testen durfte. Die gebürtige Australierin empfing uns dafür in dem Berliner Friseursalon von Said Rubali. Gekleidet in einem sophisticated dunklen Anzug mit Nadelstreifen und stylischen Sneaker präsentierte uns Wendy Iles stolz ihre eigene High Performance Haarpflege-Serie Formula Iles, die wirklich selbst bei extrem geschädigten Haar wahre Wunder bewirkt. Der beste Beweis ist hierfür unser Foto vor der Behandlung und nach der Haarpflege mit Wendy Iles Produkten aus der Formula Iles Serie, die vollgepackt sind mit natürlichen Antioxidantien und hochwertigen tiefenpflegenden Wirkstoffen, die jedes Haar im Nu in eine Traummähne verwandeln."

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