"Behind the Scenes" with Cheryl Cole for Elnett

Here is a behind the scenes video of the "Making of" Elnett L'Oréal TV spot with Cheryl Cole.
We shot this on location outside London. I had to do 3 styles for Cheryl over 2 days.
I did recently for L'Oreal a "How To" write up on the hairstyles. Once this is published by L'Oréal, I will repost it for you. You may have seen on Instagram @wendyiles and Twitter @ileswendy several snap shots on the day of filming of my work station, having selfies with Make-up artist #AlexBabsky and other crew members. To view  the TV spot http://bit.ly/ElnettAd and more images on the day go to http://bit.ly/CherylImages

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